Physics 8-9-13 What is Physics?

PHYSICS – Great day in physics! Here’s the very first physics lecture of the year. Click on the white arrow in the middle to play, and it might take a minute to load.

So… physics is just about everywhere?!? Where can you find it in your world? Make sure you can make those applications, and let’s talk about measuring our world on Monday. Have a great weekend!

flickr photo by elbisreverri

Physics Help Session – Monday Morning, 7:15ish A.M. ….or 7:20ish

PHYSICS – Would you guys like to have a help session Monday morning? Sorry for the late notice, but Jakin asked and it’s okay with me. Just in case, I’ll be there Monday morning around 7:15ish…. or probably closer to 7:20ish since it’ll be Monday morning! 🙂