ACT Science Reasoning Test Prep, Part 1

Wow! Did you realize there was that much involved in getting ready for one test? The ACT is so very do-able! All the answers are there, you just have to use what you know how to do to find them, and that takes practice, practice, practice. Do you have a better grasp of the skills that you’ll need and techniques you can use to be successful? Save this vodcast for later, and be sure to watch in several weeks before your next ACT. And let’s practice using them tomorrow in class! Fun times!!! πŸ™‚

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55 thoughts on “ACT Science Reasoning Test Prep, Part 1

  1. Jakin, you should definitely get the practice book from the office! It’s helpful to practice and check your answers and know what you got wrong so you can fix it!

  2. So we dont leave any blank? i thought we had a better chance of making a higher grade if we left them blankk because they didnt count against us?

    • ACT doesn’t penalize for wrong answers so when you run out of time, just fill in like one letter to increase your chances of getting some right.

  3. Jakin- you can also can familiarize yourself with the test more so that you can time yourself better-especially when it comes to the science section.

  4. After doing that easy conflicting veiw point i am going to begin using your tactics that you have taught the past couple of classes….Thanks

  5. Thanks for all the ACT help! I was wondering if Dalton’s atomic theory was based mostly on inferences since there were not any microscopes or tools at that time.

  6. Hmm going over this in class really helps, ill be taking the ACT again in december and the previous times ive taken it the science is always hard at the end… these last few class periods have helped me understand it alot better, thx Mrs. Skinner

  7. Thank you so much for all of the tips! And it is hard to actually put the tips into use, but it has helped me get through the passages more quickly.

  8. When the vinegar and baking soda had finished reacting inside the 2 Liter bottle, and the gas from the reaction caused the air pressure inside the bottle to be high, how could we measure the air pressure?

    • I quite enjoy this question! Haha. I looked on Google and pretty much everyone had something different to say, but I do recall Ms. Skinner saying that B and C are both good options.

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