LABS – Chemistry

1st Semester:

Lab Report Turn In Info

Lab Report Manuscript Form – Digital

Safety In the Chemistry Lab

Lab Apparatus

Lab Tour

Steps to Lighting a Bunsen Burner

LAB: Exp. A-1 Procedures & Techniques

Oobleck Activity

thLAB: Building Your Balance

thLAB: Density of Oil

thLAB: SI Scavenger Hunt – HONORS

thLAB: Scavenger Hunt – REGULAR

LAB: ID of Unknowns – HONORS

Activity: ID of an Unknown – REGULAR

LAB: Mass Without a Balance

Activity: Dancing Raisins

thLAB: Candle Observation

vLAB: Separating Substances (Virtual Lab)

LAB: Conservation of Mass

Conservation of Mass Lab Report Notes

LAB: Mixture Separation

sLAB Energy of Solutions

LAB: Test for Iron Ions

thLAB: Chemical Formula Simulation

thLAB: Calculating Moles

vLAB: Empirical Formulas

LAB: Polymers

thLAB: Average Atomic Mass Simulation

2nd Semester:

ACTIVITY: Model of an Atom

thLAB: Half-life Simulation

 cLAB: Particle Adventure

cLAB: Particle Research II – Fermilabyrinth

vLAB: Nuclear Fission Simulation

LAB: Spectroscopy

LAB: Emission Spectra of Elements

vLAB: Identifying Elements

LAB: Flame Tests

LAB: Triboluminesence

Activity: Create a Table

cLAB Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt – Answer Sheets

cLAB Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt – READ ONLY

cLAB: Periodic Table

LAB: Reactivity of Halides

thLAB: Freezing Water

cLAB: 3D Molecules Presentation

LAB: Beads in a Bottle – HONORS

LAB: Beads in a Bottle – REGULAR

LAB: Paper Chromatography

cLAB: Balancing Chemical Equations

Activity: Salty Eights

LAB: Evidence for Chemical Change

LAB: Periodic Trends and Properties of Elements

LAB: Making and Testing for Gases

thLAB: Boyle’s Law

LAB: Percent Oxygen in Air PRE-LAB

LAB: Petri Dish Electrolysis

Exp: Build Your Own Hand-held Battery

thLAB: pH Paper

thLAB: Boiling Water in a Syringe




thLAB: Dancing Raisins

LAB: Water of Hydration

thLAB: World of Chemistry Scavenger Hunt – HONORS

thLAB: World of Chemistry Scavenger Hunt – REGULAR

thLAB: Water Wire

LAB: Types of Chemical Bonds

vLAB: Determining the Limiting Reactant

thLAB: Limiting Reactant in a Recipe

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9 thoughts on “LABS – Chemistry

  1. I would rate my self a 3/5 this week because I didn’t thoroughly read the instructions on the lab, so I had a lot of questions that I had to figure out during class which took up my lab time.

  2. I would rate my self a 3/5 this week. I feel like I could have done better reading the directions of the lab earlier, and I also could have started studying for the pre-test earlier.

  3. S-I struggled with the lab on Thursday. I could not get the ruler to balance on the pencil and it was very very frustrating!

  4. A Poff C2

    This week i struggled more with the separating substances lab. separating the salt and sand was very difficult. The worst part about it was that at the very end i realized what we could have done and it bugged me because i knew how to do it. i would rate myself 3/5 because thats the only thing i struggled with this week

  5. One goal of mine is to pass chemistry with an A. I plan to acheive this goal by STUDYINGGG and being prepared for things in the future. This class has been challenging, but I beleive that i am growing to become a better student and responsible young woman.

  6. This week I would rate myself about 3.5/5. I’ve been doing lot for all of my classes and I really hope that all of my hard working (studying, memorizing, and preparing) pays off in my grades. I hope I can keep the same energy studying for exams!

  7. I rate myself a 9/10 this week I made a B on my test and I made a A on my science in the news and I’m maintaining my grade in the class

  8. I rate myself a 3/5 this week, I’ve missed a few things, but I’ve figured out a better way to prepare for tests, and have rather enjoyed working on the Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt.

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