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  1. This week would rate myself 3/5, just because all of the confusion with the schedule it was very new to me and I had trouble keeping up I did get a good understanding with the help of my classmates I got a better understanding finding the mass,volume,density with this weeks lab was very hard. Trying to find one without the other is very hard. My group help me figure out, even tho I feel like I slowed us down it was worth it trying to learn.

  2. This week i rate myself 3/5 this weeks testing schedule drove me crazy.I don’t think I was mentally prepared for the chemistry test. In class it seemed so easy but wen I got the test I couldn’t remember anything on the Q formula I had trouble finding what I had been given because there were multiple number in the problem. I guess I need to work on a better study plan and I’ll get better at it.

  3. This week I rate myself 4/5 I didn’t work as fast as other mainly because I had just been taking my time to begin with and it caused me to have to come back do it again. I think if I actually would’ve put my best effort into the assignments. I wouldn’t have had to come back. Other than that I feel like I did good this week.

  4. I feel like i learned a lot this week. I’d give myself a 4/5 rating, as there were definitely areas I needed to improve. I feel like i learned something new this week with the computers.

  5. This week I rate myself 4/5 with today’s lab it made me feel good seeing that I could do work on my own when I put my mind to it also with working with my lab partner it made me work harder

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