59 thoughts on “Class Info

  1. My goal for this year and semester is to pass. I have been studying more and paying more attention in class.My goal is to do good on our exam and next quiz or rest we have.

    • I also don’t think I did to well on the test Thursday. I just don’t get some of the stuff we do and I should have studied more.

  2. This term and for the rest of the year my goal is to pass chemistry. I’ve been setting alarms and doing all my homework and as much studying as I can. I feel like if I put myself to it I can do it.

  3. This week was very good I learned that homework and being responsible is very important. I think me asking more questions has helped me. I get the material that I have been studying. That is what I thought about this week.

  4. This week we learned a lot and it took a big toll on me. I learned a lot about radioactive things and it was really cool. I need more help with it and wish to have a help session.

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