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  1. This week I read article on vaping. Vaping has recently started causing health problems and even death to many people. There are 153 known cases related to vaping so far. Researchers are trying to ban vaping flavors that would catch the attention of people under the age of 18.

  2. This I read an article about vaping and how it affects your lungs. There was over 153 cases of lung problems due to vaping. Researchers are urging people not to vape and they are trying to ban addicting flavors

  3. The article I read was the affect of vaping. This article showed how vaped is hurting teens all over America and the expert’s still don’t know the full effects of it due to how vaping is relatively new. This article provided various statistics on vaping users all over the United States and proves that vaping is bad for your body.

  4. the article i read was about the effects of vaping. it said that it can cause severe lung disease for teenagers. it also said it can be addictive for all ages. it talked about 153 cases of lung disease is the US due to vaping.

  5. This week I learned how two proteins can negatively affect the brain. Through research, scientists have concluded that two proteins are released when a person is exhausted can increase the chances of an adult of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

  6. This week I learned that the two main proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease can also be found in the brain of someone who is sleep deprived. The scientists did experiments on humans and mice to make sure if it was actually true that the proteins increase when deprived of sleep.

  7. I read an article on vaping. vaping has recently caused health problems and sent 153 people to the hospital. it causes serious lung injury. so vaping has proven to be bad

  8. The article was about vaping and the consequences of vaping.The article told us that of the people who vape put themselves at a severe risk. It even told us that there were over 150 people in the hospital because of vaping over the past year.

  9. This week I did an article about vaping. There are over 153 medical cases about how vaping effects your lungs. The article also talked about how ads and flavors are making it seem to young, influential teens that caping will not and cannot harm them.

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