Extra Credit

Every nine-weeks you may do extra Science In the News summaries for extra credit.

Regular Chemistry can do TWO extra Science In the News summaries every term.

Honors Chemistry & Honors Physics can do ONE extra Science In the News summary.

Each extra Science In the News can count up to 5 points each on a major test. (And that’s a lot!)

Click below for the assignment. Extra credit is due at the end of the nine-weeks.

Science in the News – DIGITAL



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115 thoughts on “Extra Credit

  1. Rate and Reflect
    I rate myself a 4 out of 5 this week because I have done a good job learning and understanding what is being taught. I still need to improve but I feel like I am doing a good job

  2. My science in the news was kill fish pausing their development because of droughts. They did it to stay alive pretty much and I thought it was cool

  3. My science in the news was about Japanese kill fish and how they pause their development. They do this in drought so they can stay alive before they are born. I thought this was pretty interesting.

  4. Rate and Reflect- I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 this term. I would say that I struggled to study for my makeup tests and that I was stressed out but sometimes life just gets crazy and you have to do your best with what you have. I am planning on finishing out this year strong and to keep giving it what I can. I have learned to let go a little bit and do your best.

  5. The 3rd nine weeks started of tough with my being sick and missing a lot but I have gotten better. I am going to most likely finishing with a B and that’s good.

  6. I am having difficulty getting Powerschool to work and finding my assignments about what I am supposed to be doing. I would much rather just go to school.

    • G – Me too! It is so frustrating at times! For now, be sure and read what I post here and be sure and get the syllabus. And when you get to PS, keep hitting refresh. They’ll get things figured out and fixed on their end eventually! Also, let me know when you do get on if you can’t find something. Everything is pretty much linked to the Remote Learning page, so you can find it from there or from the top main tool bar or the side tabs. Let me know!

  7. I’ve been having trouble with PowerSchool. Kinda hate it but it’ll work out I guess. It’s weird to be doing online school. It is an experience for sure.

  8. I am having trouble access powerschool and knowing what i have to do for the week. Online can be stressful and frustrating.

  9. This week has been a lot easier than last week, because I am starting to understand the online assignments and how to turn them in. The project is still killing me though.

  10. I got a lot done with my project. I am trying to go ahead and get everything knocked out so i wont be so stressed when the due date comes up. Also it is getting easier to find my assignments and I like the due date being on Monday.

  11. I rate myself a 2 on the project because I am still confused on what to write about. I already have my sources i just need to put them on paper.

  12. I learned how to study for my test. They need to complete the extra credit and do the test info. Spend more time applying the stuff for the test.

  13. I struggle with procrastination. To fix this problem I am going to use a calendar and I am going to study for test and quizzes ahead of time.

  14. This week I applied what I learned in Chemistry. I was able to pour myself a half liter of milk into the blender to make a milkshake.

  15. I read an article called “Could disabling one protein cure the common cold?”. Jane Carette and and group of scientist figured out a way to make human cells resistance to a particular virus. The scientist found out that viruses attached to a specific protein called SETD3. Next, they tested what would happen if the protein was removed by using mice that lacked that certain protein. The results showed that the mice did not get sick when they where injected with viruses. However, it is not clear of the effect of not having the protein.

  16. My goal is to make a 90 in chemistry. I can achieve this goal by going to help sessions, webpost, extra credit, and doing homework.

  17. Reflecting on the Chapter 2 test, I see that due to actually paying attention in class and really studying, I can pass any Chemistry test. I will definitely study hard in the future, as opposed to just winging it.

  18. I did better than I thought I would on the chemistry test. There were some questions that I missed that were a careless mistake. I need to pay attention and be careful next time. On the test I did well on the elements.

  19. I struggled with scaling my graph to size and making my graph proportional. I overcame this struggle by watching the graphing video over and over until I got it right.

  20. Immune cells are trained in the gut to fight off invaders. If a pathogen ever makes it through three protective membranes, then these cells will be prepared to fight them off. The most common path in the bloodstream for pathogens to end up in is the gut. Researchers have also found gut-trained cells also known as plasma cells were found in mice’s brains.This could be there to help protect from microbes, which could cause diseases in your brain. Researchers captured images of an attack in the megines of mice which was led by plasma cells was likely prepared in the guts. The fungus tried to enter the brain through the walls of blood vessels in the meginies when the team inserted a pathogenic fungus which was most commonly found in the intestine. The plasma cells in the membranes formed a net made of IgA antibodies around the pathogen blocking its entry. The plasma cells were found along the blood vessels.

  21. This week I triumphed in making a 100 on both of the polyatomic ions quiz. Making flashcards and writing them down is how I made the 100.

  22. True or False: You always use roman numerals in the stock system.- False. You only use roman numerals if the element has more than one charge.

  23. I rate this semester of chemistry a 3 out 5 because there were a lot of formulas and rules to remember even though it was difficult I did well on the quizzes.

  24. My goal this year is to rep up with my web posts. Last semester I would put my web posts off until the end of the week, and I will make it my goal to do it before Friday each and every week.

  25. My goal this year for 2nd semester is try and not do my webpost last minute. Last semester I would do my webpost last minute. I will achieve this goal by setting a reminder on my phone to do my webpost.

  26. This week I triumphed in doing my webpost early instead of procrastinating to do it like like I usually do. I triumphed in this by setting a reminder on my phone to do my webpost.

  27. Linear Polymers have what kind of density? – High Density
    The oxidation number of a uncombined element is? 0
    Fluorine charge is always _______? -1

  28. I should have spent more time studying for the Chemistry test. Because I did not I’d give myself a poor rating.

  29. I struggle a little bit with balancing equations. I plan on overcoming this struggle by using science geek and watching vodcast on balancing equations.

  30. This week I struggled with finding time to stop and take notes for chemistry. When I finally did however, I felt like I understood the material much better.

  31. A gene from bacteria that ticks simulated into their genetic code around 40 million years ago helps shield the arachnids from those would-be microbial killers. In a test tube, Dae2 killed Bacillus subtilis, which is a common bacterial species found in soil, including a human skin-dwelling species like Staphylococcus epidermidis and Corynebacterium propinquum.Scientists also used a test tube which showed the protein doesn’t mess with bacteria that doesn’tharm the ticks, including Borrelia burgdorferi, which is a bacteria that causes Lyme disease.Scientists also looked and used the previous work to find the results they were looking for. The types of tools the scientist used are test tubes. Scientists also used ticks that were prevented frommaking Dae2. When the researchers infected ticks without Dae2 with S. epidermidis, less than 40 percent survived a day. This tick that was infected with Dae2, survived as long as the uninfected ticks. These results emphasizd that ticks are bloodsucking machines and the word pathogen is just a status which is dependent on who the host is. When ticks feed on blood, ticks carry a Lyme pathogen, which is bad for humans, and our human skin is bad for ticks.

  32. I learned that scientists can use infrared detectors to spot supernova explosions. This can be useful as infrared light passes through dust easier that natural light, making it easier to detect so long as you have the given tools.

  33. Why is there an activity series for metals and an activity series for non metals?
    The activity series is a list of elements in decreasing order of their reactivity. Because metals replace other metals, and nonmetals replace other nonmetals, they each have a separate activity series. Metals can not replace non-metals and non metals can not replace metals.

  34. Why are there two different activity series? Only metals can replace other metals, and only non metals can replace non metals.

  35. I struggle a little bit with stoichiometry. I am overcoming this struggle by watching the vodcast and working some practice problems.

  36. This week I struggled with the mass to moles problems, but I was able to figure it out with the help of Ms Skinner

  37. I feel that if I had worked harder the first two terms I would have done better this term. I put in a lot of work this term and hopefully it will pay off and make the fourth term easier.

  38. I rate myself a 3 out of 5 this quarter because I have done okay on my tests. I also have been going to a lot more help session this nine weeks which has improved my test grades. My test grades are better this year than last year because I have been going to help sessions, rewatching vodcast, and reworking practice problems.

  39. My goal for the fourth term of chemistry is to do all of the extra credit available to ensure that I make no less than a perfect score on all tests, quizzes, homeworks, projects, and everything in between.

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