Chemistry 10-20-20 Elements & Intro to the Periodic Table

CHEMISTRY – Wow! Do you realize what we just did?!? We finished the chapter!!! Did you feel like today was mostly review?

The elements that you are going to research for the test are Cu, Si, and P. A great resource to research the elements are these video clips on copper, phosphorus, and silicon that a group of chemistry researchers have put together at Watch these and take notes. The information on these video clips will be on the test.

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the chapter 1 study suggestion sheet? Let me know if there is anything you need help with before the test! (And you’re still learning the symbols of the elements, right?!?)

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Chemistry 10-19-20 Classifying Matter, Pt 2 and Energy, Pt 2

CHEMISTRY: So if I gave you an unknown substance, could you begin to ask yourself questions to determine what type of matter it is? Could you design an experiment to find out? And which has more heat – a burning match or an ice burg? So many ways to apply what you know today!!

And wow!! The paper cup with water did not burn! Why? Today we finished notes on the classification of matter and we also finished notes on energy. So why did the paper cup with water not burn in the flame? Wow! And why? Hmmmm……

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Chemistry 10-16-20 Classification of Matter, Pt. 1

CHEMISTRY: Here’s a mixture that looks like it might be worth investigating – bacon caramel popcorn! I mean, I like bacon and I like caramel popcorn, but bacon caramel popcorn? Hmmmm….

So now that you know about mixtures, could you figure out how to separate one? Keep these notes handy!

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Chemistry 10-15-20 Technology 101 & Lab Reports

CHEMISTRY: Awesome job today reviewing Tech 101 stuff and beginning to write your first digital lab reports. Be sure and follow very carefully the directions in the Lab Manuscript Form handout. It’s under the lab tab. Everything in that handout is an important guideline for writing your lab report.

For an overview of your workflow as you write up labs, be sure and check out the Lab Report Turn In Info sheet under the Lab tab.

Here’s our look at it from today!

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Hon & Regular Chemistry 10-5-20 Intro to Chemistry

HON & REGULAR CHEMISTRY: So now that you know how to use all the tools we’ll need in chemistry, it’s time to start talking about ….chemistry!!

Were you able to able to make applications with the branches of chemistry and categories of scientific work? We’ll finish talking about the properties of matter tomorrow. Don’t forget the applications!

Now it gets interesting! πŸ™‚

P.S. The demo from today is embedded in the vodcast – or click below the vodcast to just watch the demo πŸ™‚

Copper Penny in Nitric Acid Demo

Chemistry 9-24-20 Lighting a Bunsen Burner

CHEMISTRY – Great job lighting Bunsen burners today! By the way, did you happen to see a green flame when you put the copper wire in the flame? The electrons in the copper atoms were being excited and they gave off a green flame. Cool!!

Here’s something you will find useful in the future…everything you wanted to know about a Bunsen burner and how to light it. Be sure and view the slide show BEFORE you take turn in your lab sheets and take the test.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with Parts 4 & 5. Be sure and read ahead before you come to class! Also, make double dog sure you are keeping up with the observations and answering ALL of the questions at the end of the lab on pg. 13 – 18. There are a TON of them!!!

Chemistry 9-22-20 Lab Safety & Procedures

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Great video, but do you feel like you have information overload!?

Here is the lab safety video we watched in class. It does have a ton of info, and the thing is, you absolutely must know it – and not just for the test, but also throughout the year in lab. It’s a really good idea to watch it again and take notes as you go.

HOMEWORK: First though, lets talk about homework.(Don’t forget to also check your syllabus!!)

Lab Safety ContractSince we’ll be in lab so much, it’s important that you write your own lab safety contract. Here’s how you do it::

  • From the first couple of pages of the Safety Packet that you got in class (or it’s also here under the Lab tab), write the lab safety statements as your contract.
  • They may be handwritten on notebook paper or typed.. You only have to write the first part of the rule that is bold. There are 29 in all and they almost all start with “I will…”.
  • At the end of your contract – after the last statement, hand write the following statement at the bottom: β€œI agree to abide by these rules.” Then sign underneath and date it. Even if you type the safety rules, you’ll need to hand write this last part and then scan an IMAGE of your hand written statement and signature/date at the bottom.
  • Scan your final document as a PDF and submit it into your Chemistry Shared Folder. You must have this safety contract submitted to do lab for the rest of the year! Due Wednesday!

Chemistry 9-21-20 Lab Equipment

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys! There’s lots of useful equipment for chemistry this year! Below is a slide show with an overview of the apparatus that you’ll use in the chemistry lab. Click on the black arrow to start the slideshow. For all of the equipment:

  • Know the name of each item.
  • Explain the use of each item (it’s written in white on the slide)

The second slide show is a great tour of our lab. It’s very important information about where stuff is and what it’s used for. I think you’ll find it very helpful. Both of these would be a great way to study equipment for the test! (Hint, hint!) πŸ™‚

Lab Apparatus Assignment – Study the lab equipment in the slide show below and then, when you know them, identify the equipment in the Lab Apparatus Review on Power School. Once you start, you will have 30 minutes to complete the assignment. It’s due on Wednesday by 8:00 A.M.. If I counted right, there are 33 of them.

By the way, there is also a Practice Review on PowerSchool Learning that you can practice with before you do the actual assignment. Also, pictures of most of these are in the back of the Safety Packet.

Science In the News Assignment

How can chemistry, physics – or any other type of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) be important to your everyday life? TONS of ways, and this year we’ll be using Science In the News to research just that!

Click here for a link to the assignment – or you can also find it under the Worksheet/Handouts tab. Science in the New Assignment – REMOTE

IMPORTANT guidelines for the assignment:

  • Choose a STEM article on websites like or
  • Make sure you pick an article you find interesting and that you understand!!
  • Make sure you pick an article that you can use to answer the questions on the Science In the News sheet. If there are questions you cannot answer with the type of article you have – pick another article!!!
  • The SItN assignment must be typed . If you type, you will have to scan in your illustration.
  • You must copy/paste the actual article you used at the end of the questions you answer. Be sure and start a new page with the article. Don’t forget to highlight your article!!
  • Save/scan your assignment as a PDF. Be sure and name the file correctly.
  • Turn in the assignment to both your Google Drive Shared Folder and