Lost in the Danakil Depression

Welcome to a great adventure! You’ve learned so much this year – not just concepts, but skills, and you’re still learning! I can’t wait to see how you are going to apply it all!

Here’s the place where you can post your questions about the “Lost…”. First answer – the due date is Tuesday, April 16.

A really useful hint? Go back and re-read the project again – this time with a highlighter. It’s amazing how much I miss the first time I read something. So what’s your next question?

Here’s another copy of the first part of the project, if you need it:

Lost in the Danakil Depression – Regular Chemistry
Lost in the Danakil Depression – Honors Chemistry

DUE Monday, March 25, by class time. This first worksheet is due for ALL 23 the items on the list. Submit Google Doc to your Chemistry Shared folder. Make your own copy before you start filling it in: FIRST Lost… Project Research Sheet