PHYSICS 12-4-23 Ch 5 Problems Review

PHYSICS: Little bit of a crazy start today?!? But did you learn something? Here’s our look at a few from the review worksheets – #19, the grocery cart pushed at an angle, #3, a wooden trunk pushed, and #2 from the first Ch 5 review, a kid on a bicycle.

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6 thoughts on “PHYSICS 12-4-23 Ch 5 Problems Review

  1. I think I would rate myself a 3.5 for this semester. I made some silly mistakes on tests, labs, and in preparing for tests; however, I learned a lot. I complain a lot about physics when it gets hard, but after we figured out these hard problems and concepts, it’s fine. It wasn’t easy. We had to work hard to get down all these big mama extra large problems, but it’s taught me a new way of looking at math and how all these equations and concepts and be combined to figure out a problem that is really complex. I learned a lot, worked on time management and critical thinking when studying, and was challenged. I want to keep improving next semester and working hard, but I’m very happy and thankful about the break.

  2. I think I would rate myself a 4/5 this semester. I worked really hard on the homeworks and in class to make the test grades I made -and pretty much maintained- this semester. I need to work a lot harder on the lab reports in the next semester because that is what keeps bringing my grade down. I really enjoyed this semester overall and feel like I have a good foundational understanding of physics. I hope to continue it into the next semester!

  3. For this semester, I would rate myself a 4/5 stars. It was very challenging but I think I did well keeping up with the pace of everything and not letting myself get behind on any work. I also think I did well when it came to studying for tests in advance and although I never did as well as I wanted to (except for this last test) I still think I learned a lot and did my best.

  4. I think I would give myself 3/5 this semester because I think I could have tried harder but I think next semester will be better because I am completely adjusted to this class and I’ve finally learned how to study better so I feel confident that next semester will be better!

  5. I would rate myself a 3.5/5 this semester. I didn’t always do as well as I hoped I would on tests and I struggled with the harder problems on the homework, but I enjoy what we learn in class and feel like I improved as we went on. A lot of my success was because I got better at studying and reviewing certain concepts, but I definitely need to get better at time management with labs so that I can finish the procedures earlier instead of having to stay after class, so I hope to use what I’ve learned from my mistakes this semester and apply them to next year. Overall, I feel like physics has helped me to better understand the world around me and I’m excited to find out more when we come back.

  6. I would rate this semester 2.5/5 because i feel like i did decent but i could’ve don’t so much better. I didn’t study as much as I could have. I did just enough to do decent in the class. I didn’t put in the extra time and effort. I feel like I could make A’s if i practice more.

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