Hon Chemistry 11-15-23 Empirical & Molecular Formula Homework

HON CHEMISTRY: Are you starting to figure out the steps of working empirical and molecular formula problems? First – a heads up on the virtual lab for Friday, and then a quick overview of some of the homework problems from last night.

My best advice on this – don’t round! Or at least don’t round too much – carry decimals out to two or three places. And PRACTICE these same problems over and over until you get them!

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11 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-15-23 Empirical & Molecular Formula Homework

  1. I did well with using my time wisely and being able to go to sleep on time. This happened because I didn’t linger in doing my homework, but I made it my first priority.

  2. I used my resources more than usual to give me extra practice on some of the formulas I struggled with. I used the book to find extra practice problems and listened to the recording to help me hear what I didn’t understand from a new perspective.

  3. I have triumphed this week in my understanding of empirical formulas and understanding moles better. I feel I have a better grasp on it now and feel more prepared for the test.

  4. I triumphed this week by making up the work I missed, and studying empirical and molecular formulas after school so I would be prepared for the test. I was able to put my work first, and not only make up assignments, but complete new ones as well.

  5. I triumphed in my understanding of the lessons this week. I think I did well because I focused more intently during class and made sure to ask questions if they arose. The empirical and molecular formulas were made easy due to a series of steps given to me, that I could follow each time to arrive at the correct answer.

  6. I triumphed this week by paying close attention in class and understanding all the formulas we learned. I did this by not focusing on other things and writing down everything she said.

  7. I have triumphed by paying good attention in class this week. I have also stayed on top of my homework doing it well and not rushing it. I have done well by learning all the new formulas and problems and how to do them

  8. This week, I had triumph in the gum activity we did on Monday. I experienced triumph because I was able to understand percent composition and apply my knowledge for the activity. Due to my understanding, I was able to complete the activity and acquire a signature on my second try.

  9. I had great victory in learning empirical formulas and percent composition. The reason that i did good is mostly attributed to my good sleep and focused learning. I have also not forgotten to do my homework because of my sleep and increased focus.

  10. I triumphed this week in learning how to find empirical formulas and molecular formulas. I kept practicing them over and over again until they became much easier to work.

  11. I love seeing this blog! It is a very organized way to see students exciting in practicing formulas and studying. Greetings from Wyoming, USA.

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