Hon Chemistry 11-14-23 Empirical & Molecular Formulas

HON CHEMISTRY: Now that you know how to write chemical formulas, you are going to be amazed at what you can do with them! I love the way you are able to think through what you know and what you need to find a solution. Today you are going to use that to find empirical formulas and molecular formulas all by yourself – well, almost by yourself. πŸ™‚

Be sure and practice – if you don’t it’ll get all turned around and you’ll end up leaving off an important step. The hardest part is that it’s not a set formula for you to plug and play, but if you’ll keep in mind that you’re really just looking for subscripts which are just moles, you’ll be able to think it through. Percent to mass, mass to moles, moles to smallest whole number ratio.

Are you starting to catch on to the steps? It will be good for you to memorize them, but would it not be just tons better to understand why you need each step – backwards and forwards, so then you wouldn’t need to memorize them at all!

And then, also remember what molecular formulas are – just a multiple of the empirical formula. Keep that concept in mind, and you’ll have no problem remembering to divide the molecular formula mass by the empirical formula mass to find X! Easy peasy! πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-14-23 Empirical & Molecular Formulas

  1. I did well this week with the homework and understanding how molecular formula and Empirical formula works. This is because when I would make a mistake on my homework, I would go back and see where I messed up, understand why I messed up, and learn to not do it again on the next problem.

  2. This week I feel like I have triumphed in finding the empirical and molecular formulas of compounds. Usually, I tend to struggle with formulas, but I understand these. I think I understand these because we are practicing them and going through them step by step. I understand each component of the formula, and I know the order of steps to go in. I am able to go home and solve my homework without being unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing. Understanding and applying the formula gives me more confidence to solve harder problems.

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