Physics 11-8-23 A Short Look Back at Chapter 4 Concepts

PHYSICS: Leaves gracefully falling – can you apply concepts from this chapter to explain? Practice, practice practice the problems, but don’t forget the conceptual stuff! How do parachutes work? What causes whiplash and how do seat belts work? If you get a chance, watch the Julius Sumner Miller videos on Newton’s 2nd law and 3rd law on You Tube.

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Hon Chemistry 11-8-23 Moles & Atoms HW and a Look at Moles & Compounds

HON CHEMISTRY: What do you think about Avagadro’s mole? Here’s our look at some of the homework from last night. Could you figure out how to use those same awesome tools for compounds?

UPDATE: The thLAB: Comparing Moles is postponed for now – maybe indefinitely. Sadly.

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Chemistry 11-8-23 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Great start today with writing formulas with polyatomic ions! Watch out, there are a lot of letters and numbers to keep track of. So something absolutely necessary – you have got to memorize polyatomic ions – or better yet, learn them! And practice, practice, practice!!

HW UPDATE: The Common Substances Research is now due Monday in class. Chemical Formula Practice 4 due date is changed to Monday.

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