Hon Chemistry 3-23-23 Quantum Model of the Atom & Quantum Numbers

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job with quantum numbers today! Wow, it was a lot. Confused yet?

Donโ€™t worry! Today you learned all the background information about quantum numbers. Monday we will begin putting it all together ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some video clips that begin to show the connection between our lab on spectroscopy, the hydrogen emission spectrum, and how we can identify elements – including the one from today on why it’s all important. They’ll be very helpful as you study!!

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (not the song!)
Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen
Animated Quantum Video is the one that explains all about why scientists began to believe that electrons could be acting as waves

Cartoon courtesy of nearing-zero.net

Chemistry 3-23-23 Intro to Atomic Theory

CHEMISTRY: Here’s the our discussion on how we ended up with the atomic theory. Had you ever heard of Lavosier, Proust, and Dalton?

Pretty impressive little theory that Dalton came up with, huh? Were you surprised as you made comparisons with the Modern Atomic Theory? Could you now take it a step further and show connections between the three laws we discussed today and Dalton’s atomic theory?