Mythbusters & the Scientific Method 9-27-21

CHEMISTRY – Today you’ll be using what you know about the scientific method to analyze a myth that was tested on Mythbusters. Be sure and follow the Mythbusters Questions worksheet. If you need a copy of the Mythbusters questions, you can find them under the Worksheet tab.

If you are absent from class and are doing this assignment at home, you may watch any Mythbusters episode on the Discovery Channel or an episode online. Check the syllabus for the due date!

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16 thoughts on “Mythbusters & the Scientific Method 9-27-21

  1. A triumph I had this week was that Elizabeth and I did makeup work we had because we were involved with the play. I also triumphed by taking good notes during the myth busters video.

  2. A triumph I have this week is remembering to do my web post. I completely forgot about it last week with homecoming and want to make sure it’s done early this week.

  3. Triumph- One thing I did well this week is studying for my test. I am not one who usually puts hours into studying, really because I don’t really know how to study well. But I think I did good on studying the lab safety packet.

  4. A triumph I’ve had this week is keeley and I getting our sand and salt mixture correct on the first try. This is a triumph because while the other kids had to perform the experiment multiple time to get the right answer, keeley and I only had to do it once.

  5. A triumph for me this week would be keeping up with all my classes homework. I feel like in each class we had a good bit of work and I’m glad I was able to finish it all.

  6. A triumph for me this week was the lab safety packet because I completed it Monday night. I was glad I did because if not I would’ve gotten stuck with a lot of homework for one night.

  7. A triumph this week for me would be learning all of my lab equipment, and making a good grade on the quiz. Which was really good since last week I barely knew any of them.

  8. This week I feel I did pretty good on focusing on what I need to do because I finished all of my lab assignments the day of with extra time left.

  9. A triumph this week for me has been the labs even while online. I tried to make sure I could see everything and asked questions to my lab partners when I got confused.

  10. A triumph for me this week was learning all the lab tools being able to identify them quick and knowing where to find them. This was helpful with all the labs we have done this week.

  11. T- Triumph-
    A Triumph that I had this week, was doing well and taking the time to rewatch the safety procedures video to make sure that I fully understood what I was watching. This was a big triumph for me, because until this year, I have not fully applied my self like that. I did this, because I want to really bring up my GPA and work as hard as I can in this new school.

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