Hon Chemistry 8-20-21 Accuracy/Precision & Significant Figures

HON CHEMISTRY: Great week! And great job today remembering significant figures! Now can you go forth and apply the rules?

Speaking of remembering – how about that SI Quiz? Make sure you are actively studying these things:

Everything in the SI Prefixes chart: symbol, exponent, meaning, and how many in one of a larger one. For example, 1 L is how many cL?
SI fundamental and derived quantities and their symbols
SI fundamental and derived units, their symbols, and the quantity they measure
SI standard unit for all the quantities

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2 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 8-20-21 Accuracy/Precision & Significant Figures

  1. Personally, I struggled with keeping track of my assignments in Honors Chemistry this week. I am going to help myself remember when things are due by highlighting them on my syllabus and writing down assignments in my planner.

  2. Triumph- So far this week I’ve done well navigating the website. At first i was confused on where to go and how to find what i needed but i solved the problem by asking questions and clarifying instructions.

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