Chemistry 8-20-21 Derived Units & SI Measurements, Pt 2

CHEMISTRY: Great job with derived units and fine tuning how to properly write measurements so they’ll be easily read and understood! Now on to using what you know!!

BTW – How are you doing with getting ready for the QUIZ on SI prefixes, Quantities & Units? It’s a ton of important info to know for the rest of the year. Practice, practice, practice it and don’t wait until the last minute!!

If you’re unsure of what’s going to be on the quiz or how I’ll ask the questions, go back and watch the end of this vodcast. Great overview today! Here are the topics for the SI Quiz:

Everything in the SI Prefixes chart: symbol, exponent, meaning, and how many in one of a larger one. For example, 1 L is how many cL?
SI fundamental and derived quantities and their symbols
SI fundamental and derived units, their symbols, and the quantity they measure
SI standard unit for all the quantities

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14 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-20-21 Derived Units & SI Measurements, Pt 2

  1. I struggled with turn it in at first but then as the week went on and I asked questions and got help it became really easy.

  2. I struggled with the Physics Classroom assignment, but after clicking on “questions” a couple of times I realized I needed to press “launch concept builder.”

  3. I struggled with scanning the sheets and turning them in. When i texted Ms. Skinner and when we went over how to do it in class, I learned how to do it correctly.

  4. I struggled with the Physics Classroom assignment, but after answering and understanding how the measurements worked, I finally got the hang of it after a couple of questions.

  5. This week i struggled with staying on time with my assignments and knowing when they were due. To solve this I started to carry around a piece of paper with all my assignments and their due dates written on it and i kept it in my pocket.

  6. Getting the hang of integrating technology into my education was a struggle, but I solved this problem by asking those around me for help. I believe that these resources are able to make me more prepared for what will come at me in the future.

  7. I struggle with speaking up in class towards the beginning of the year the problem normally just fixes itself by the third week of school

  8. I struggled with working on how to use, but the more familiar I got with it throughout the week, the easier it got.

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