Chemistry – Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

Can you believe it?!? This is your LAST web post comment!! This is where you put it and here are the three things I want you to talk about:

1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂

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79 thoughts on “Chemistry – Your LAST Web Post Comment!!

  1. Chemistry helped me grow to realize what I need to work on for my study tactics and in general school tactics. I learned that this class requires full attention and daily work. For the upcoming chemistry students, my advice to them is that you need to work on chemistry daily because it is unlike any other class you have ever taken. Something we could have done was more physics classroom activities because those are very helpful.

  2. MY LAST WEBPOST!!!!!!!!!!
    As a person chemistry has grown me a lot and definitely have learned some things about myself. I have learned not to procrastinate as much. I have learned there are other ways I learn besides Quizlet. This grew me to learn that chemistry is hard but its a little easier if I push myself. For the upcoming chemistry students, my advice would be to work hard, and not procrastinate, especially on the project. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Webpost’s and other homework is most of the grades you have in powerschool. Not only will this keep your grade from tanking, but your tests grades will be much better. I would’ve learned better if there was review during the lessons like we have before tests. Sometimes the units can be long and a check-in would help make sure everyones on track! Thank you Ms Skinner for teaching me so well (even with the many failures I had along the way)

  3. It made me get more organized and learn how to study differently. I learned how to study differently and manage my time. For future students when you get the project,start on it that day. Do not waste a second. The things that I could have done differently is to study way more and don’t just know; know why.

  4. This year during Chemistry I learned that I could do things that I didn’t think I would be able to do. I did my Chemistry project and I didn’t think that I would be able to finish it that easily. Chemistry also taught me to use my time wisely. The advice I would give is to do your homework and especially your web post cause they help your grade a lot. During Chemistry I think everything we did was fine and it was the most efficient way to learn.

  5. 1) Chemistry taught me to truly work hard and pay attention to every single detail. From science in the news format to formal lab reports, I grew to appreciate organization and follow exact instructions. I learned that I am capable of finishing a class that is infamous for its level of difficulty and I can work hard
    2)My advice for all future chemistry students is to stay focused. Do not procrastinate, this class is hard enough , don’t sell yourself short.
    3) Done more required physics classrooms in class so I would not forget to do them because they really helped me learn.

  6. The final webpost? What? No way, that’s crazy bro. Anyways this year was pretty epic besides the fact that I somehow managed to not exactly do so good on most of the tests.

    1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?

    To be honest, chemistry made me actually study for tests and quizzes since most of the chemistry tests weren’t exactly the easiest. I learned that I procrastinate way more than I should…

    2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?

    My advice for the youngsters would be to actually study and never underestimate Ms. Skinners chemistry class (I learned that the hard way).

    3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?

    I’d say cut down on all the long bookwork homeworks, but all jokes aside, there isn’t really anything that I can think of that would make learning chemistry better.

    All in all, chemistry was great except for the long, tedious assignments (for legal reasons, that was a joke).

  7. 1.) Chemistry required more work than most classes that I have had before, so I had to work harder and become more disciplined to succeed. My work ethic grew. I learned that I can do hard things and be successful if I put my mind to it.
    2.) To future chemistry students, I advise you to study as you get the notes and don’t wait until right before the test. Also, do your chemistry lab write ups right after the lab.
    3.) I wish there were more labs to go along with the lessons because the labs show how these concepts can be used in the real world.

  8. 1. chemistry helped me realize that I procrastinate more than I thought I did so I tried working on spacing out my work and as a student I am less stressed as a result
    2. My advice for people coming into chemistry is don’t procrastinate like I did and space out your work in the class into even portions through the week and also start on the project really early
    3. if at the beginning of the year I would have figured out the best way for me study so my test grades would have been way better

  9. 1) Chemistry taught me how to push myself and my brain past my limits. I really learned how to challenge myself. Most importantly, I learned how to fail and try again. I’m not that great at failing and most of the time my first instinct is to assume that something is just “not for me,” but chemistry really helped me change that mindset.
    2) My advice to future chemistry students is to approach chemistry with the idea that it is more than just a class that you have to pass. There is a lot more to learn from this class than just sig figs or who discovered the neutron. This is one of only classes that I have truly learned and grown in more ways than just memorization. At times you may be stressed to the point of tears but if you push through that, the hard work definitely pays off. Good luck!
    3) I definitely went into chemistry with the wrong ideas of what it would be like. I wanted to have the perfect grade and that affected me in a bad way. Instead of going to class to learn, I was going to class to make a perfect score on a test. I was making good scores on tests but I was not retaining the information. This made me kind of dread going to class because I always felt like I was in a competition with my last test score. Luckily I learned to enjoy chemistry by just being in class to learn.

  10. 1) Chemistry grew me because it was more challenging than any class I had ever done before, and I had to grow and adapt to the class. I learned that if I set my mind to a task it is possible for me to do it even if it is huge.
    2) The advice I have for future chemistry students is that if you do your work and are on top of deadline you will be successful in chemistry.
    3) The thing that we could have done to help me learn better would be to have had more review time than just one day before the test, because it would have helped me to know what I needed help with earlier on.

  11. 1. Chemistry has taught me many lessons, but the lesson I believe was the most important is that I learned how to fail. Through chemistry, I have learned that even when I do fail sometimes that I can move on and learn from my previous mistakes to perform better.
    2. My advice for future chemistry students is to LISTEN to the application examples Ms. Skinner gives in class. Since her tests are made up of mostly application questions, listening and understanding those application concepts will give you an advantage when you take her tests.
    3. Honestly, there is not anything about the way we were taught that I would change because there was plenty of interaction, notetaking, and examples that we could use to help us study, but I do think doing worksheets to help us practice problems is better than the bookwork because it is easier to reference the problems.

  12. 1. Academically, chemistry has taught me to be a better student. I’ve learned what study strategies work best for me and most importantly how to learn and retain information best. I’ve gotten much better at doing my work on time or in advance rather than waiting till the last minute to finish. I’ve also grown to be more confident in myself and my school work. I go out of my comfort zone to learn, even if it means I risk being wrong. Most importantly, I’ve grown to love chemistry rather than be afraid of it.
    2. ALWAYS look at the syllabus and be aware of the work you have ahead. If you can start work early, do it! And always be sure to check for the little details before turning in assignments. Give yourself plenty of time to start studying; don’t wait till the last minute and stress yourself out.
    3. I’ve never learned so much in one class or been as interested in learning as I have in chemistry this year. The only thing I would have looked to do more of was interactive reviews such as science geek and physics classroom. Having practice days in class was also very helpful if I was struggling with a certain lesson.

    • Chemistry helped me see that i sometimes i do need to try to study and Ive found a way to help me do that. I learned that i am actually really good with chemistry however i am not good at remembering the names of people or what they do.
      My advice for future students is to make sure you know the elements like the back of your hand or you are going to have a bad time. Also make sure to not let yourself become stressed make sure you do the homework on time and try not to miss any labs as it is really hard to make them up. Also for the project space it out do your research in the first week and then start on your journal the next week and then do your slides the week after and on the 4th week check over everything to make sure everything is right.
      The only thing i feel like we could have done more practice work in class for certain problems like Half life and the nuclear equations.But it might have just been because its the end of the year.

  13. This year chemistry grew me in about a million and one ways. Probably my study skill were the most affected thing. I learned what it looks like to actually study for something. I’m not used to doing that. My advice for the new students is to STUDY AHEAD OF TIME. I never ever do this but you literally will not succeed in this class if you don’t pace yourself. You can’t cram stuff like this. I think if I had learned to study several days ahead of time closer to the start of the year I would have done a lil better in this class. don’t make the same mistake i did. However, I am still proud of myself for passing. I can’t believe it’s over. Never EVER thought i’d survive chem, much less honors. Thank you mrs skinner.

  14. 1. Chemistry has pushed me more than any other class I have ever been in. I went from never studying to study a little bit at a time. I learned that I give up easily and chemistry taught me how to not give up. To prepare myself for harder classes and how to not give up as easily. I learned how to work hard for what I want.
    2. My advice for future chemistry students is to study a little bit every night, to do your homework, to do your web post, stay off your phone in class, and to take good notes. My last piece of advice would be to not give up, and to adjust work hard and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    3. In the beginning of the school year I sat in the back of the classroom and I never spoke up when I didn’t understand. I didn’t talk in class, so I was confused and never quite understood. I learned how to speak up, moved seats, and asked questions. If I would have done this all year I would have learned chemistry a lot better.

  15. 1. I learned how to apply the things I was taught. More importantly, I learned to adjust my expectations. Generally, I expect A’s all of the time. This year I had a couple of grades that hurt my average. However, I learned that doing my best is the most important thing. My best might not always be A’s, and that’s okay. I’ve also learned to put more important things above grades.
    2. Don’t procrastinate studying for tests and working on the project. Don’t forget to do your homework and web posts because that is the majority of your grade. Listen to Ms. Skinner when she gives you directions and hints on labs.
    3. Personally, I think working problems on ScienceGeek and the physics classroom help me more than homework in the book.

  16. 1) Chemistry was a class I will never forget. Chemistry grew my confidence. I learned that I can do hard things. I learned that I can’t always be perfect, and it’s the failures that you really grow from. Chemistry is definitely not one of my favorite things in the world, but I am so thankful for the class and what I was able to learn from it

    2) My advice would be to not stress out too much. I would consider myself to be a Grade A stresser, but my stress was not worth it. Study what you know you need to study, give yourself plenty of time to study, and talk with your other students to review for any tests or quizzes (two brains are better than one). Also don’t take your lab days for granted. Doing labs will be one of the best things I remember from chem (especially the popsicle stick chain reaction lab – that one was my fave).

    3) I think more class interaction would have been more beneficial towards the beginning of the year 🙂

  17. 1) Chemistry taught me pay attention to every single detail. I learned that I am capable of finishing a difficult class.
    2)My advice for all future chemistry students is to stay focused and don’t procrastinate.
    3) I think we could have done more physics classrooms because they help me learn better.

  18. 1.) Chemistry taught me to not procrastinate and always know why something is happening because you can’t just know you have to know why.
    2.) My advice to other chemistry students is to take good notes and study at least two days in advance to the test so you can get plenty of practice in.
    3.) Doing more physics classrooms would have helped me more because it keeps giving you the same type of problems until you get them right.

  19. 1. Chemistry helped me learn how to learn by taking better notes and studying by practicing not by just reading the chapter
    2. My advice to future chemistry students is to not procrastinate and not worry about your grade being what it has been in the past in other science classes because chemistry is nothing like any class you’ve had before
    3. Chemistry as a subject takes a lot of time but those days where we took a step back and talked and reviewed the chapter really helped me learn and remember what all we had gone over so if we could’ve had more of those i think it would’ve been helpful

  20. This year in chemistry I learned I can do things if i really put my mind to it and try. But I also learned how difficult chemistry is. It helped me grow and I learned many things this year. My advice for the future chemistry students is always do your web posts it is an easy 100. Set a reminder in your phone if you have to. This year I could’ve done better if I would’ve stayed focused and gotten help on the lab reports. Overall I had a great and fun year!

  21. 1.) I grew in chemistry this year from all the lab reports and all the note taking. It really made me grow up as a student and the responsibility for my work to follow the little details especially the project. I learned that I am a procrastinator at heart I’m also a terrible test taker, but I also learned new ways to study and a bunch of things about chemicals and elements that might help me in life one day.
    2.) The advice I would give to upcoming chemistry students is don’t procrastinate, look for the little details, take good notes, and give it your all.
    3.) I think more hands on learning would have helped me learn better because I am a kinesthetic learner.

  22. 1. Chemistry helped me develop many ways to study and also helped me learn many different things of an atom or a chemical equation that I didn’t know before. I learned about myself that I performed very under average and below my standards when waiting on the last minute to complete an assignment.
    2. The advice that I would give to future students is to find different ways to study to help you remember the little things as much as the obvious subjects you cover in class. Do not wait till last minute to do a web post always set up reminders and to study for test more in advance as you normally would and take it step by step.
    3. One thing that would’ve helped me to learn chemistry this year would’ve been having more labs to help me understand all the aspects of chapter in chemistry we were studying over. Also figuring out Evernote to help me see the errors i made on Lab Reports and other homework assignments.

  23. 1. Chemistry taught me so much about myself. I learned that surprisingly, your confidence does make a difference on your grade. I also learned that studying looks different for me every test, which I learned the hard way.. sadly. Finally, I learned that even when something seems impossible to conquer… you can, though it isn’t the most fun time of your life.
    2. My advice for the future chemistry students is to never underestimate Ms. Skinner’s tests and quizzes. You will need to learn how to study for you, which will be different than everyone else. Also PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your problems. You never tell the difference when you do them but when it comes to the test, it makes a huge difference. My last piece of advice is don’t come in thinking that this class will be an awful time and absolutely no fun because in reality it is one of the most fun classes you will have all year (p.s. I’m not saying that it isn’t a hard class, it just is very fun as well, so make the most of it!)
    3. I think something that would have helped me is doing more practice problems when we first learn something new so that the repetition of it is already somewhat engrained. I also think that explaining the meaning of something multiple different ways could help me understand it better, so that when it is asked differently I still understand what it means.

    1. Chemistry has grown me as a student and as a person. I've learned that I procrastinate too much and I've learned to better manage my time and studying.
    2. Future chem students: Don't wait until last minute to study for tests or try to memorize things!! Also, DONT FORGET YOUR WEBPOST!
    3. I think more review days would have helped like the ones before tests. Also, I feel like white boards are better than the online activities because we have to do the whole thing and it's easier for you to see what we're doing wrong.
    Thank you so much for teaching us all so well Ms. Skinner !! Love you

  25. 1) Chemistry has helped me grow into a more responsible student. ive had to learn new ways to study and memorize, how to keep up with more and harder assignments, and how to use better time management.
    2) my advice to future students is to never wait until last minute to do assignments, always keep up with homework and lab sheets, always be prepared for labs, never forget webposts , and always give yourself time to do work and study.
    3) I think more review days would have helped me. Its hard for me to learn things so fast pace, but there was a lot of stuff for us to learn so more review days before tests would have helped

  26. 1) Chemistry help me grow into a better student and to get my work done on time. I learned that I can get a lot of work done if I really try.
    2) For future chemistry students, you need to always do your web post even if it is Friday at 4am you need to do it and make sure it goes with the topic. Also you need to study a lot and study in many different ways so you are completely ready for the test.
    3) the physics classroom helped me a lot in chemistry this year. Another thing that helped me is doing problems and going over everything in class on whiteboards.

  27. 1) Chemistry taught me that I can work a lot harder than I thought if I really am interested in what I’m doing.
    2) I would advise for future students to not procrastinate on the project start working as soon as possible and try not to have a lot to do the night before.
    3) I probably could have done better if I had learned the way I studied best a little bit earlier. I also should probably have managed my studying time a little bit better.

  28. 1) chemistry has made me into a completely different person it has made me manage my time much better and it made me realize I can’t wing everything. It also showed me how to deal with difficulty and challenges.
    2)my advice to upcoming chemistry students is to never overlook the details I did that way too much and it really hurt me because something as little as turning in a doc instead of a pdf can really make a difference
    3)the only thing that I feel like would’ve helped me is if we spent a little more time on each section this is the first class where I have ever had to go back and relearn something so more time is always good.

  29. This class sure was a good one. No matter how hard the tests were and how confusing the labs were at times, it managed to teach me so many things. I learned that procrastinating is a gateway for disaster. I’ve always been sort of a lazy person but as this year continued I learned to manage my time better. Especially with The Project™. I learned that organizing and doing all your work on a schedule really unstressed my life and just made everything easier in general.
    To future Chemistry students, I would just say once again, procrastination is the gateway for disaster. You’ll eventually forget some homework or a web post that will drop your grade as fast as Harry’s plane crashing. Just be sure to plan ahead and study study study for those tests and you’ll pass this class with a breeze.
    All in all, I can’t really think of anything different we could have done this year to improve my learning. In the end, I think I learned a lot through trial and error. Mistakes were made and debts were paid but everything worked out alright in the end.
    Thank you Mrs Skinner for a fantastic, wacky year of chemistry.

  30. 1. I learned that I really enjoy chemistry as a subject and want to know more about it. I grew in my test taking ability and how I study for tests.
    2. I think that new students should know that with hard work Chemistry can be enjoyable, but if you just play around and don’t listen you wont learn.
    3. I think that if we had more opportunities for bonus points than just science in the news it could have helped me, and also an easier way to take notes.

  31. 1) Chemistry helped me realized that even though things seem and look extremely hard you can actually do it. Coming into the year I heard about how hard chemistry was and I was dreading having to take this class for a whole year, but once it started I came to realize it wasn’t going to be so bad and thought I could actually do this.

    2) My advice for the next Chemistry students is keep a positive attitude about this class. Once I realized it wasn’t as bad as everyone said I gained confidence.

    3) I think my biggest regret is not being engaged in the class. I should have taken better notes and given my full attention in class. I also could have studied more. I always waited till the night before and when I studied it was always just quizlets and looking over notes.

  32. 1. Chemistry taught me this year how to stay diligent in my work and stay on task. I learned that I need to not wait till last minute or a couple days before something is due to start it because this cause un-needed stress that can be prevented.
    2. For upcoming students that are going to take Chemistry, this class isn’t easy but if you stay on task and keep up with your duties than you will be just fine. With it being so small and so easy to forget, you webpost is something you ALWAYS should do not matter what because it can be so beneficial to your grade.
    3. With being some of a visual learner but mostly a kinesthetic learner, I may have had an easier time learner with there was more hands on experiments. I know with COVID-19 is was probably hard to do so but there is only so much you can learn from not actually doing to experiment yourself.

  33. 1. I grew in my confidence of myself. I learned that even in a subject I don’t understand well, I can still do good if I put my mind to it.
    2. My advice to future chemistry students is don’t wait till there are four days left like I did to do the “Surviving in the _________” Project. Trust me. Heed Ms. Skinner’s warning.
    3. Nothing. You’re an excellent teacher Ms. Skinner. It was a privilege to be in your class. You made me like a subject I absolutely hated when I started. I loved every second of it!

  34. 1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
    This year, I grew a lot at a student. I think this class forced me to mature in my study habits and taught me how to handle more responsibility. I learned that I am capable of more than I would have ever thought possible. The chemistry project seemed something I could never actually complete, but I was able to get through it. Now, I know that I will be able to overcome even more difficult things in the future.

    2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
    I would advise future chemistry students to listen in class and take good notes. It helps sooooo much when it’s time to study for tests. I would also tell them to set a webpost alarm in their phones for every Friday evening. Having one saved me from getting a zero plenty of times.

    3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?
    I feel like everything we did this year helped me in one way or another. Physics classroom helped me learn concepts very efficiently, so I wish we could have done more of those. Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

    Thanks for a fun year, Ms. Skinner! 🙂

  35. 1. How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
    This is my first year at Northpoint. I took my sciences out of order at my other school so I had to take Chemistry as a junior. A lot of my friends have already taken the class and I have heard so many things about how hard the class is and I was very nervous about it. Chemistry was very hard for me but I ended up doing a lot better in the class than I thought I would. This class has helped me build not only my character but also coping skills with how to deal with enormous stress.

    2. What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
    My advice for future chemistry students would be to always do your webpost, complete your homework, ALWAYS do the extra credit (even if you think you don’t need it), try your best on the lab reports, and to just work hard to get the grade you want. I had to study very hard for this class. I did not end up with an A average like I wanted but I worked very hard and I am satisfied with my grade because I know that I have done everything in my power to earn that grade. I have stayed up late every night after I got home from work to study, watch her vodcasts, etc. Just try your best in everything you do, it will eventually all pay off even when you think it won’t.

    3. What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learned better?
    I am a very visual and interactive learner. Sitting and taking notes everyday is not very good for me. I like when teachers include projects, interactive activities, watch videos, etc. When teachers use these teaching techniques I seem to retain WAY more information that just sitting and listening to the teacher lecture all class period. Not that anything is wrong with lecturing, I just don’t learn that way. I would be nice if every once in a while we could have switched it up.

  36. 1. Chemistry taught me the importance of time management and setting priorities. Time management can only be accomplished if you have your priorities set straight, because without your priorities, all of your time management is pointless. Homework, studying, school sports, competitive (out of school) sports, tournaments, and chores took place in most of my afternoons, making it very difficult for any change in schedule. However, through chemistry, I was able to somewhat figure out ways to accomplish everything that I needed to do while also keeping my sanity (sort of).
    2. To future chemistry students, do not think of this class as just another class. If you do, more power to you, but you’re screwed. Chemistry is probably the most difficult class you will take at NCS. And this is probably the part where I am probably supposed to say “But don’t let that discourage you because it will all get better!!! :)” but it actually won’t. Sure, maybe you’ll figure out how you need to study, the best way to take notes, or how to write a perfect lab report (which I swear is impossible). But even if you manage to figure all that out, the class itself gets more difficult and requires even more attention and patience than before. Just remember that as the class is growing more and more difficult and tedious, you also are growing. It definitely won’t seem like it, but you are growing, and never believe that you aren’t.
    3. With all of the covid restrictions, we did not get to do as many hands-on activities, which really would have helped me because I am a major visual learner. However, all the charts and diagrams drawn were very helpful and easier for me to understand as opposed to just taking notes on something.
    {Thank you Ms. Skinner for an amazing year! You’re class probably gave me grey hair, but I really did enjoy it. Even though I only ever got one star, never turned my labs in on turnitin, and still don’t know any polyatomic ions or acids (my bad haha), I do think I learned a lot of valuable things this year that I will hopefully carry with me forever. And even though I wasn’t the brightest or best student, I thank you for always encouraging me to do the best that I am capable of and for believing in me as a student! It was a fun and different year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! (Although I am pretty relieved it’s finally over haha) Have an awesome summer and for the project next year please consider sending the kids to the moon! }

  37. 1) Chemistry taught me many things, but the thing it taught me the most was how to study. I taught me not to used rememberize flash cards and equations, but to know the why and how to apply it. Because of that I learn that I learn the best by knowing the how and the why and not just rememberizing it.

    2) The advice I would have for future chemistry student is DO NOT procrastinate. It may seem like you have plenty of time until you up the night before a test and realizing you don’t know half the things on the test. Do not procrastinate on web post because you will forget. Do not procrastinate on lab write up because you will forget what you did. And DO NOT procrastinate on the chemistry project, it is very long. Although it may seems like chemistry is impossible, it is not you just need not to procrastinate and get your work done.

    3) The lesson are very long with many things in it spending to a months or a half of semester; because of that I think it would be good for when we review we can review some equations in the early parts of the chapter so that we don’t forget all about them and how to do them until the test.

  38. 1) Chemistry has taught me many lessons this year. It taught me to push myself and not to give up when I thought something wasn’t possible. Most importantly, it taught me that it’s alright to fail sometimes. When I failed, I learned to move on and work harder than I did before.
    2) The advice I have for future chemistry students is to listen. You always need to listen because when you miss one small detail, you can miss the whole point of something big. I also suggest you stay on top of all your assignments and when you get the chance, study ahead of time. It makes a difference.
    3) One thing that really could have helped me this year was more review time in class instead of one day before the test. It would have helped me find out what I struggled with and really needed to focus on as I studied nights before.

  39. 1) I learned to have to think for myself and how to use previous knowledge and apply it.
    2) Don’t procrastinate, the homework that is only 22-27 are all a-f
    3) I ended the year by typing my notes on my IPad and saving them in a file, I will continue to do that in the future because that helped me a lot.

  40. 1. I have learned that not every task can be completed in a single session. For example, the research project was very lengthy. The all-nighter I had the weekend before it was due has still left my brain with an aversion to staying up late.
    2. Pay attention to key words when Ms. Skinner is talking about potential discussion questions.
    3. Sometimes it’s not clear what keywords are necessary to put in an answer to a discussion question. It would be nice if they could be made clearer.

  41. Chemistry has taught me a lot about myself. Chemistry is one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. I learned that even when things seem impossible, I can still do it.

    My advice for future chemistry students would be to study ahead and not to procrastinate.

    I’m not sure if there is anything different I would rather have done. Physics classroom helped a lot and I feel like I did better when we took the day before the test to review everything.

  42. Chemistry has taught how to manage my time and helped me to really stay focused during class and it’s help me grow my mind and think of things in different and new ways

    One thing I would tell future chemistry students is to try to not get worried about anything and just pay attention in class and manage your time well

    Honestly there’s nothing that could have helped me more I understood material well and Mrs skinner taught it very well and it was explained in the best way for me to understand

  43. Last webpost…that’s crazy 😀

    This past year chemistry has had such an impact on me not just as a student but a person too. It taught me that any assignment is possible if you’re willing to take time to do it. Chemistry taught me that notes are so, so, so important and the examples she gives – write them down. I discovered ways to study that worked best for me and that having friends that are willing to completely re-explain how to do something is life changing. Throughout chemistry, my time management improved 100% and honestly I learned that sometimes the stress isn’t worth it and to just be more confident in what I’ve learned.

    To start, for upcoming chem students, don’t miss webposts. Those suckers can drop your grade in an instant which only makes for a long and exhausting nine weeks of pulling it back up. Like everyone else suggests, don’t procrastinate. Not of studying, on homework, and most importantly the big project. For the project, work with someone for research because it makes the exhaustion more enjoyable 🙂 Another suggestion I have, is to use the website to your advantage. This will be one of your most used websites by the end of the year. One thing with the website is how useful it is for studying: the stuff to know sheets, worksheets, class vodcasts, literally anything chemistry related honestly. PRACTICE THE PROBLEMS OVER AND OVER AND OVER IN ALL DIFFERENT FORMS – because she will find a special one for the test. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions of all sorts, anything that your wondering about – ask it because Ms. Skinner always has some type of answer. Also don’t miss help sessions because they’re more helpful than you know. Enjoy the year, even with the difficulties because you’ll miss it when it’s over. I promise.

    This year I learned in so many different ways. Whiteboards were so helpful through the year and whiteboard days were always looked forward to. I wish we could’ve done more whiteboards and another review day before the test to clean up on things.

    Ms. Skinner, the year isn’t even over quite yet and I miss this class already. Thank you so much for teaching me so much more then chemistry. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for honors chem. Love you so much. <3

  44. 1. Chemistry taught me that just memorizing facts will not get you anywhere, you have to truly understand the concept and why it happens to be able to apply it and succeed. More than anything, I’ve learned how to study this year. For many classes in the past, I haven’t needed to study much because it was mostly memorization based. Chemistry is different, and because of that I learned how to spread out my study time and adequately review the information.
    2. My advice to future chemistry students is this: if you’re willing to work hard and always do your best, then you will succeed in chemistry. If you put time and effort into studying, pay attention during class, and take good notes, you will be able to do well in the class- it isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be, and Ms. Skinner is an amazing teacher so you will be prepared.
    3. I think the only thing I could’ve done to do better in chemistry was to study earlier. Trying to study it all in one night leaves you with a lot of information to make sure you know in such a short period of time. Other than that, I feel that I learned a lot this year from the way we were taught.

  45. 1. In Chemistry, I grew in my ability to take efficient notes that would help me understand the concepts that were being taught. Chemistry has also trained me to be better with time management and studying for tests. Additionally, this year has been an eye opener for myself because this class has showed me that I need to work on my time management and decide when to start studying for any upcoming test.

    2. I would say that you should study early, try your best in all that you do (you’re going to need it!), never give up during rough times, and make sure to take excellent notes!

    3. In my opinion, there was nothing that could’ve been done that would have made my learning experience any better because what we were doing already was transforming me greatly. However, if I needed to pick out something in particular, it would be that I wished we had done more physics classroom because they help with practicing new concepts and mastering them.

  46. Chemistry grew me to be a better studier, to procrastinate significantly less, and that worry is so trivial in the long run. Yeah, I made a bad grade on a test… but it didn’t hurt me. I’m still alive. I still have a decent grade. And in 5 years, I won’t be saying “Man, I wish I did better on that chemistry test.” I learned that my potential is limited to the effort I give. The more effort, the more potential.

    Do not stress. It is a tempting trap you more than likely fell into before the school year even started. If you listen, study, practice, and ask questions, you will succeed. Maybe you do bad on a lab or a test… oh well. At the end of the day, Jesus still is King… don’t let chemistry replace that for you…

    I think that I could have learned chemistry better this year if I would have dove deeper into discussion questions. Additionally, we should have dove a little deeper into our labs.

  47. 1) Chemistry made me realize that I actually have to study in class. I know, crazy right. I usually do well without studying on most tests but definitely not chemistry. I learned that I could memorize some really complex concepts that I never before thought I’d be able to.
    2) My advice to future Chem students would be: Don’t take the class lightly, but don’t take it too serious either. Stressing yourself out about studying for tests isn’t worth it at all. Study Like you normally would and pay attention in class and you will be fine, and one last thing… DON’T FORGET YOUR WEBPOSTS!
    3) The only thing that could help me learn chemistry better is not having the class 1st period. I am basically a zombie 1st period and that definitely didn’t help me pay attention.

  48. 1). Chemistry helped me to grow by forcing me to be less of a procrastinator and by teaching me to do work that needs to be done whenever possible, not just when I feel like it. One thing that I learned about myself is that I’m not as good at cramming as I thought I was. I stopped cramming as much early in the year, and I’m glad I did stop doing it as much because the information really started to pile up after the first quarter.
    2). My piece of advice to future chemistry students would be: Don’t procrastinate or cram, but rather do little studying and practicing at a time and try your best to retain information for the next test.
    3). I think one thing that could have made chemistry a little easier learn would be more interactive activities at the beginning of the chapters. I noticed throughout the year that I understood basic concepts quicker on chapters in which we did an activity rather than chapters in which we didn’t.

  49. This year in chemistry I have learned how to better my study habits and really learn the difference between applied knowledge and memorization. My advice for future chemistry student would be to student multiple days before the test and start on the chemistry project AS SOON as you get it. The last thing I wished I would’ve done better is study multiple days before every test and start on my chemistry project earlier. Also I wish I would’ve never forgot a single webpost.

  50. Chemistry has helped me learn to think like a chemist and not just like a normal person. I also learned to be more prepared for anything.
    Some advice I would give to future chemistry students is to set an alarm for web posts so you don’t forget to do them.
    What we could have done differently would be to review more than just one day. I think reviewing more would have helped me more on the tests.

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