Hon Chemistry 4-21-21 History of the Periodic Table & cLAB: Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt (s-block notes)

HON CHEMISTRY: Great start to a new chapter! I love that you are going to be learning to research some really cool stuff about the elements on the Periodic Table.

Here is the intro the the history of the periodic table and and your short intro to the cLAB: Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt. We’ll pick up with the s-block tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 4-21-21 History of the Periodic Table & cLAB: Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt (s-block notes)

  1. I would rate myself a 2/5 for this week. I have not been able to fully pay attention during class time, and I think this is because I have felt kind of disconnected from class lately. But I really enjoyed the periodic trend lab that we did on Tuesday.

  2. Overall, I rate myself a 2/5 because I have started to feel burnt out since the end of the school year is near, which also means that I am not trying as hard on my work as I usually do. One positive for this week is that I was prepared for our lab.

  3. This week, I would rate myself a 4/5 stars. The fact that school will be ending soon has been stuck with me for these past couple weeks, causing my drive for school and schoolwork to slowly drop. On the other hand, this week has been mostly doing the scavenger hunt, which has been a nice, fun research activity to do. Also, I was able to read and fairly quickly carry out the periodic trends lab this week, which I thought was an improvement from my usual lab performance.

  4. I will rate myself a 4/5 this week. I, like everyone else, am losing more and more drive and motivation for school and homework, in chemistry and any class. I am proud myself this week though. I have been prepared for the lab, I have been working ahead on the scavenger hunt so all I have for homework this weekend is the lab report, I have also learned some random, cool facts from the research I have been doing, and I really enjoyed learning about arsenic and the marsh test. I have been pleased this week from the work that suprisingly, I have done and even worked ahead.

  5. I would rate myself as 3 out of 5 stars this week because my grades haven’t been as great as I might want, and the drive to finish classwork and homework is gradually decreasing as the year begins to come to a close. I’m hoping to pull up my grades with the project and some good lab grades and have good time management so I can finish work while also enjoying the end of sophomore year.

  6. This week I would rate myself three out of five stars I found it very hard this week to work hard in class and get ahead on my scavenger hunt and even to work hard in other areas. My plan of action to fix this is find myself a routine of getting work done early and trying to change my motives to work harder and harder in school even though I know it is all coming to a close.

  7. I would rate myself 3/5 stars this week. Although I did not work as efficient as I would like to have on the scavenger hunt, I am glad that we got to take a brief break from lectures to research interesting things. In addition, I enjoyed doing the periodic trends lab this week, and I was more prepared than usual. As we are nearing the end of the year, I have become less motivated, most especially this week. However, I will definitely put all of my strength in persevering and finishing out this year strong with a good grade.

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