Chemistry 4-23-21 Radioactive Decay

CHEMISTRY: Today has been all about arrows for some reason – well, sideways arrow! So how are you doing with the nuclear equations? Feeling better about them now that you know what side of the arrow to put the particle on? Also, make sure you memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), positrons, neutrons, and protons – those are just as important as the arrow! Need extra help? Help session Friday morning, 7:20ish A.M.

Be sure and bring a calculator Monday – we’ll tackle half life problems! 🙂

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Physics 4-23-21 Harmonics & Beats

PHYSICS: So why do instruments that are playing the same note sound so different? Here’s our discussion of harmonics and beats.

Speaking of discussion – what about the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? Could we add on to our explanation? Here’s a link, if you’d like to see it again: Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash