Chemistry 12-4-20 The Physics Classroom Practice – Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY: Today you’ll be practicing chemical compound names and formulas at a site called The Physics Classroom. Here’s what you need to do

• Click on My Account at and log in
Click on Tasks and Courses to open your assigned activities. Read all the directions on the activity page.
• Hint: Write these on notebook paper as you go through the questions to help build the layers of learning in your brain!!

Do the Apprentice, Master, and Wizard levels of the Concept Builder called Names to Formulas 2. If you don’t finish in class, the rest of the assignment is for homework and is due at 8:00 A.M. Monday morning.

IMPORTANT!! Don’t forget extra credit is due Monday!!

If you aren’t in class today, be sure and get a copy of the naming compounds spinner tool that I gave out today. I think it will be very helpful for you!!

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33 thoughts on “Chemistry 12-4-20 The Physics Classroom Practice – Pt. 2

  1. Q:when do you use prefixes when writing a chemical name?
    A:you only use a prefix if you have 2 non metals or a metalloid and a non metal.

  2. Q. How do you know whether to use prefixes or Roman numerals?
    A.Roman numerals are used when an element can have more than one charge. Prefixes are used when there is a chemical formula with either 2 non-metals or a metalloid and a non-metal.

  3. ASK:

    Q: When do you use prefixes when writing a chemical formula?
    A: When you are given a nonmetal and a nonmetal as well as a binary molecular compound.

  4. Q: why would you not want to heat something up in a container with a 1 in the recycling symbol?
    A: the recycling symbol have numbers in it showing how recyclable the container is. One being the highest recyclable plastic, which mean the plastic is liner so it can be melted and reshaped the easiest because the polymers line slide off each other. So if you heat something the container the polymers will slide off each other and melts while you are heating the thing inside of it. Leaving a big blob of the thing you mean to heat and melted plastic.

  5. Q: What is the charge of oxygen and why?
    A: Oxygen has a charge of -2 and is because it is in group 16 on the periodic table.

  6. Q: why do we memorize the polyatomic ions
    A: to be able to write chemical formulas and memorize other things for our future jobs

  7. Q:When can you use prefixes and when can you not use prefixes?

    A: when it’s a non metal or metaloid you can use a prefix

  8. My goal for this semester is to make better grades on the test and finish the nine weeks with at least a 75 average

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