Hon Chemistry 12-4-20 Describing Chemical Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: So tell me again – how do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred? And how could you record that for someone? Here’s the lecture from Friday on balancing chemical equations.

Here’s another hint – not necessarily a good idea to try to make your own blue flame thrower! Click here to watch the Periodic Videos Blue Flame Thrower Video

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Physics 12-4-20 Power & the Horsepower Lab

PHYSICS: Great job on the horsepower lab. Not so much noise this time! I’m thinking maybe you don’t have as many physics phrustrations to work out?!? 🙂

So how many horsepower do you have? You found Watts? So how many horsepower is that? Hmmmm…..

Here’s the super short lecture from today on power – beginning with #46 from last night’s homework. Now go forth and conquer the power problems!

Need answers? Here are the Chapter 5 Review Worksheet 2 Answers:
3.) 1090 J
4.) 1350 J
5.) 79%
6.) 917 W
8.) 9.57 kW
12.) 420 N
14.) 1300 J
18a.) -125 N
18b.) -2190 J
18c.) 0.360
19.) 4380 J

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Chemistry 12-4-20 The Physics Classroom Practice – Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY: Today you’ll be practicing chemical compound names and formulas at a site called The Physics Classroom. Here’s what you need to do

• Click on My Account at https://www.physicsclassroom.com/ and log in
Click on Tasks and Courses to open your assigned activities. Read all the directions on the activity page.
• Hint: Write these on notebook paper as you go through the questions to help build the layers of learning in your brain!!

Do the Apprentice, Master, and Wizard levels of the Concept Builder called Names to Formulas 2. If you don’t finish in class, the rest of the assignment is for homework and is due at 8:00 A.M. Monday morning.

IMPORTANT!! Don’t forget extra credit is due Monday!!

If you aren’t in class today, be sure and get a copy of the naming compounds spinner tool that I gave out today. I think it will be very helpful for you!!