Physics – Waves (for 3/30 – 4/3/20)

PHYSICS: Hey guys! Here’s our discussion on the properties of waves. Remember anything from your earlier 8th grade physical science days? Problems are pretty simple for you, I think. Do you remember the main formula from chemistry? Speed = wavelength x frequency (c = λf).

Easy peasy – and don’t forget the applications!

And while you’re here, click here for the next video – NASA Launchpad: Wave Motion. Since we’re not going to be able to play with slinkies in person, this will be a good replacement!

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11 thoughts on “Physics – Waves (for 3/30 – 4/3/20)

  1. I loved the online lab…. it makes it hard to mess up, which I love. I also missed getting to connect with everyone during physics, so the zoom was a nice change. I managed to not procrastinate as much this week, so yay for that. I think I’m adjusting to online learning, but it’s still a lot harder for me. I’d say this week was a 4/5.

  2. I would rate this week a 3/5. I feel as though I have been working very hard this week school-wise, but I feel as though I am beginning to get grumpier each and every day. It was great experimenting with zoom and doing the lab with the other guys, but other than that, I did not get much social time with my friends. As soon as the workload levels out and I can get used to it, I will make sure to reach out to more people. This week I built up a mindset of getting work done, so let’s hope that I can build on that next week.

  3. This week has been a 3/5 for me. While I have stayed on top of most of my work, I am getting slapped mentally this week. It feels like every teacher went from zero to one hundred when you compare last week to this week. It has hit me like a truck. I have had to adopt good work habits to stay in the game. As for physics, I enjoyed everything we did this week, but I have lost all motivation to write these reports man. Even easy ones are difficult right now. AHHHHHHHH. Pray for me. I miss you guys so much and it is killing me not being able to see you anymore. :/

  4. I’d rate myself a 3/5 this week. This week was a lot more difficult than last week in terms of the work load. The labs are so much easier and I’m understanding the material better. I loved being on zoom to see my friends faces again and I hope to see the whole class soon

  5. This week was an absolute struggle for me. I definitely got slapped by the workload this week. I woke up Monday morning and it felt like getting punched straight in the face with all the homework we had. However, I worked really hard to get all my work done and I enjoyed doing the zoom lab. Hopefully, it just takes a week for me to get used to the work load and I can recover and enjoy my time with friends on face time or zoom.

  6. This week I would rate 4/5. I created and started using an hour by hour schedule. I don’t necessarily stay true to it, but it keeps me on a better track. I definitely was working on schoolwork endlessly each day, but in doing that I freed up more of my weekend. I’ve finished all my schoolwork except for putting in a picture in m pendulum lab that I’m waiting for! Never thought I would be done this early. Tonight is going to be soooo great. Of course I’m stuck at home, but I don’t have to worry about schoolwork on a Sunday night for once. I hope my teachers start routinely assigning work this week. It would make everything so much easier!!!

  7. This week I rate myself a 2/5. I have been lazy for the better part of this week because I completed all of my work for the week on Monday and Tuesday. I also messed up my graph on the first Simlab because I forgot how to do graphs since our last lab report. I also have been getting very bored since I can not leave my house. I need to find productive things to do besides school because my coursework is very minimal. I am thinking of getting back into coding since I used to really enjoy it. Hopefully next week I can find more things to do and complete my coursework in a manner that better reflects my abilities. I also really miss seeing all of you everyday :(. You all are gonna leave soon, and I was hoping I would get to see you a lot this quarter. Hopefully we will go back to school :).

  8. SO it is official. I love learning and doing work at my own pace. I differently do everything differently than if I went to school, but honestly, my grades are doing great and I feel awesome! The only problem is I have trouble with actually learning and not just getting an answer because I like the environment of the school to learn, not to work. So when the test rolls around I might be a little screwed.

  9. This week has been full of highs and lows. Mostly lows. I got my phone taken away and missed the zoom for our lab, but I managed to figure it out on my own, so I guess it’s not the end of the world. I’m almost finished with everything and about to turn it all in. I did get a chromebook from school, so now doing my assignments will be a lot easier, and I’ll be able to get my English done. The sunshine is good for my soul, and I’ve decided to sit at the picnic table in our backyard to do my schoolwork whenever possible. 🙂

  10. This week was a solid 4/5 for me. I think I’m finally getting used to this online learning thing! I’ve been setting up my own goals for due days and have been hitting them. I also like how I can choose what I want to focus on for a certain day and plan to do something later in the week. It was interesting doing the lab online and it would be fun to do more in the future. At first I was lost with this week’s lesson, but the boat activity made it make a lot more sense to me. I hope to continue this momentum into next week!

  11. You know. This week wasn’t bad at all. 5/5. Nothing to complain about. Zoom is great. Online labs are great. Everything is just dandy. Could work on better time management, but I’m gettimg there. All will be okay.

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