Chemistry 1-8-20 Intro to Atomic Theory

CHEMISTRY: So how do you feel about being made from earth, air, water, and fire? Here’s the intro we did on how we ended up with the atomic theory. Had you ever heard of Lavosier, Proust, and Dalton?

Pretty impressive little theory that Dalton came up with, huh? Were you surprised as you made comparisons with the Modern Atomic Theory? Could you now take it a step further and show connections between the three laws we discussed today and Dalton’s atomic theory? Let’s take a look at the Law of Conservation of Mass tomorrow in lab!

Physics 1-8-20 Collisions

PHYSICS: Collisions – they’re all around us and they all obey the law of conservation of momentum. Great job with the conceptual review and setting up the problems! Be sure and check for connections between the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy. 🙂

Speaking of conceptual topics, how are you doing with understanding the relationship between force and time? Let’s see if you can put it to practice tomorrow!

flickr photo by chavil brasil