3 thoughts on “Physics 10-16-19 Forces & a Look at Newton

  1. I understand the things as they are told to me, but one thing i don’t really understand is why the angle of a force changes the force. Like I get “why” because force is a vector, but I guess I need to see/feel it to really understand *why* it is that way.
    Thanks!!! See ya Monday! <3

  2. This week my triumph was doing the lab correctly and staying on the homework. I finished my lab early and completed the homework early. I plan on keeping up on the homework and labs to keep my grades up and to finish this semester off well.

  3. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. When I got my test back, and I was able to make peace with it, although I was not super proud of my score. I was able to see what I could improve in the future and it did not affect me too badly. Also, I did a good job taking initiative this week, and I had fun doing it. I slapped a wooden hoop and broke it, and it was fun! I have no regrets this week, and I should probably keep this same mindset for the rest of the year.

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