Chemistry 10-2-19 A Look at Hand Drawn Graphs (& Due Dates)

CHEMISTRY: Were you happy with your hand drawn graph? Here’s the very short review today of good and some examples of not so good graphs.

HOMEWORK INFO: Monday – Hand drawn graph (J) and Exercise 2 are due.
Tuesday – Excel/Google Sheets graph (K) is due. (We’ll start these graphs in class on Tuesday.)
WEDNESDAY- The whole graphing project is due – all three pages turned in as one PDF.

Speaking of the first graph – be careful with your hand drawn graph! Watch this vodcast for good and bad examples. Carefully review the instructions on how to draw them. Common mistakes – switching independent and dependent variables, the scale on an axis not consistent along the axis, graph too small, line not a best fit, forgetting to label the axis, etc.

And finally – NEATNESS is very important!!

flick photo by Caleb Roenigk