Physics 2-8-19 Vertical Circular Motion

PHYSICS: Great job on the vertical circular motion problems! Here’s the short lesson from today, then a look ahead at some of the upcoming circular motion problems. Fun times!! 🙂

HOMEWORK UPDATE: Add to the Circular Motion WS 2, these from the book – Pg. 264, 1 – 7, 10, 11.

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7 thoughts on “Physics 2-8-19 Vertical Circular Motion

  1. This week was a pretty good week for me even though it started out so so. I’m disappointed that my car did so poorly on the race but I’m so glad it ran. The only problem it seemed to have was that it could not go straight. I think it had something to do with my tires. On the other hand the Centripetal Force lab was an enjoyable lab to do although our arms got really tired doing it. So far from what we learned, I can do all the problems, but I need to make sure I understand it conceptually, which right now I think I’m doing ok.

  2. This week was one of the most stressful so far for me, but I made it through! I am struggling with these conception questions. The math problems I have a pretty good handle on, but I’m definitely going to have to review the chapter for the conceptual questions. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  3. This week in physics went alright! The lab we did was sort of a struggle, especially considering I hit mysef in the head several times with the rubber stopper; however, by the end of it, I think the data we gathered was pretty accurate!! Also, I feel pretty good about the problems we’ve worked thus far, and hopefully I will do well on the test.

  4. Another busy week in Physics! I’m glad the whole KOH competition is behind me, even though it was very fun! I learned so many things throughout building my car (like how to not panic when the entire thing falls apart the night before). I am still so sad that my car decided to stop working during round two of the distance competition. I still can’t figure out what must have gone wrong, but it’s behind me so no need in worrying about it now haha. I had my interview at Mississippi College today, so this weekend is going to be full of catching up on all the work I’ve missed and also beginning to study for the test. Let’s hope I do a little bit better on this test haha.

  5. This week was great! I am finally understanding torque as well as circular motion in the horozontal Plane. I’m excited to correct my simple and careless mistakes concerning both the conceptual and math problems. The circular motion in the vertical plane however is throwing me for a loop. I am very concerned I won’t be able to do as well on these problems, but i know my hard work will pull me through it. The centripetal force lab spiked my interest the most this week because it involved so many variables, and I hope I accurately interpret all of my data after we complete it Monday.

  6. This week has been has been a crazy week. I need to make sure that I stay on top of my homework bc even though we didn’t really have homework this week Ik I would haven’t been able to finish. I’m really behind on my sleep since I’ve had to make adjustments to my car (and I had to write something in comp). I need to get a head start on my labs so I don’t get forced to them all in one weekend. I’m hoping next week I can come in focused and ready to learn.

  7. This week in physics went by pretty well. I was happy with how the competition turned out. Everybody’s car did really well and I was completely satisfied that I knew I put my best effort into my car. With circular motion, I’m understanding the concepts well but some of the problems are confusing me. I just have to get after it and I’ll figure it out eventually. I can’t wait for explorer zone it can’t coem soon enough!!

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