Chemistry 10-17-17 Elements & Intro to the Periodic Table

CHEMISTRY – Happy Tuesday! Here’s our overview of the elements and intro to the periodic table. Did you feel like it was mostly review?

How is the element handbook search going? You will be responsible for the information from Handbook Search 1 on the test. Tell enough to show what distinguishes that element as the type that it is – physical and chemical properties, where it can be found, what it’s used for, anything particularly unusual about the element, but don’t go into minute detail – just the main facts. You for sure don’t have to copy information from all the tables in the book.

Here is the link for the video clips on copper, phosphorus, and silicon that you will need to watch for the Element Handbook Search and for the TEST!! The information on these video clips will be on the test.

Speaking of the test, have you had a chance to check out the Chapter 1 Stuff to Know sheet? Let me know if there is anything you need help with before the test! (And you’re still learning the symbols of the elements, right?!?)

flickr photo by Geoff Jones