Physics 10-24-17 A Woodpecker, a Gorilla & ZORBA

PHYSICS: Here’s our walk through the woodpecker, gorilla, and Zorba problems today. Question – you did a great job watching me work through the problems, what about you? Were you brainstorming, applying information you’ve previously learned?!?

Now you try it! Can you go and do the Zorba problem on your own?

flickr photo by Claudio Gennari

Physics 10-23-17 Hanging Signs

PHYSICS: Great work today thinking the “Wanda has a sign” and the “street light blow askew” problems! How you look at problems from the beginning can make a huge difference – huh?

A couple of things that work for me when doing equilibrium, etc., problems – first, draw them. Then go back through and separate resultants into components. If an object is in equilibrium, then there are no net forces – all the forces in the x direction balance – everything left equals everything right, and all the forces up equal all the forces down.

You’ve got all the ammo you need, now go forth and conquer!

Answers for the Equilibrants II worksheet are below:

  1. Fn = 3430 N upward against feet
  2. Fn1 = Fn2 = 1890 N upward on each foot
  3. F forward = 4.59 N
  4. T1 = T2 = 1760 N
  5. T1 = 1360 N and T2 = 680. N

flickr photo by loop_oh