Hon Chemistry 10-20-17 Chemical Formulas Review & Intro to Binary Molecular Formulas

HON CHEMISTRY: Okay, I’m not saying that learning to name and write chemical formulas is as bad as a jellyfish sting (you’ll get that in a minute!), but you do have to really, really pay attention to the details!! Here’s our review of the chemical formulas from last night’s homework AND an intro to writing formulas and names for binary molecular compounds.

Don’t freak out about binary molecular formulas! Part of it’s really similar to what you learned to do for ionic compounds, don’t you think? The other prefix part is totally different, though!

Make sure you keep everything straight. Find a way to organize all the information for yourself so you won’t get confused. Also, don’t forget the lists you have to memorize – chemical names for common substances, polyatomic ions, acids, and numerical prefixes. And practice, practice, practice!!!

And did I mention polyatomic ions? The quiz on them has been moved to THIS COMING Tuesday! Are you getting ready??

Image source casch52