Chemistry 9-27-13 Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

CHEMISTRY – Great job on the lab this week! So did you “see” the Law of Conservation of Mass the first time you did it? The second time? What was the difference? Be sure and tell me about that in your conclusions.

Any questions about writing the lab report for Monday? Make sure you save it as a PDF to your Google Dropbox folder. I’m thinking it also might be a good idea to review the Digital Lab Report manuscript form.

Be sure and give me details in your procedure. What did you do differently in the second lab and why do you think it worked? Here’s the the format for Part 1 and 2 of the lab write up, just in case you didn’t get it in class: Conservation of Mass Lab Report Notes – UPDATED

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5 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-27-13 Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

  1. Is our google drive lab report for the vLab supposed to be the worksheet on here or are we supposed to transform that to lab manuscript form?

    • Sidney – You will use the sheets on our website, but you’ll just type in your answers and post that to your Google dropbox. We missed you today!

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