Technology 101.2 – Weekend Update

Wow! What a crazy day yesterday – but it was good! We actually got a lot accomplished. I just re-synced all students to your class’s Google Drive Dropbox folder. All but a few students are now shared. There are also new/updated Technology 101.2 instructions for you – click here or on the Worksheets tab.

When you write your lab, be sure and drag the file (or right click and move it) to the Shared Dropbox folder!

If you are one of the few that still don’t see a Dropbox folder when you click on “Shared with me”, just follow the instructions on the sheet and share your class folder with me that way.

FOR CHEMISTRY: Info on labs (answers to questions that I’ve received)

  1. Yes – you ALWAYS do all the questions on labs.
  2. Always to the extension on thLABs, but if you are not sure, ASK! This time, the extension on the Density of Oil lab will count as extra credit.
  3. The actual masses of the coins can be found on the Internet. Google it!!
  4. Yes, you find your percent error on each coin – make sure you show your work with formula and units!!

Holler if you have any other questions. Have fun with your labs!!