Physics 5-1-12 Color

PHYSICS: Oh. My. Word! Can you believe it?!? Your very last lecture in high school physics! Wow!!

How’d you like playing with color? So now, why is an apple red? So….here’s the lecture on color – colors of light, and colors of pigment. I still can’t believe it.

Don’t forget – lab books, and all other labs due tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Physics 5-1-12 Color

  1. I cant believe this year of Physics is already over! Thanks for teaching me so much Ms. Skinner!

  2. Am I seriously making my last webpost? So glad I took physics this year! We’ll miss you, Ms. Skinner!

  3. I cannot believe physics is over. Seriously, thank you for everything Ms. Skinner. You are the sweetest lady in the world!

  4. My last webpost ever! So glad I took this class. I’ve enjoyed it overall! Thanks for everything!

    • Jackson – It’s been a great year and I am sooooo glad you were in physics this year!! You’ve done a really great job and I’m very, very proud of you!!

  5. I can’t believe physics is over/ I survived!!! Thank you for everything Ms. Skinner! It’s been a great year 🙂 Also, this webpost should be due tonight at Midnight because I forgot to do it last night…

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