Physics 4-10-12 Sound Intensity and Resonance

PHYSICS: Hey guys, how in the world do you lose a lecture? Well, I can’t seem to find where I saved today’s lecture, so here’s a blast from the past on sound intensity and resonance.

Couple of items to apply from today’s discussion – so how does the whole hearing thing work? I mean, I know the little bones in your ear move, but why? Is resonance involved? Great item for application/discussion. And here’s another – why would different violins produce different sounds? I mean, is a Stradavarius valued so highly just because of the name? Let’s talk more about that!

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11 thoughts on “Physics 4-10-12 Sound Intensity and Resonance

  1. Please make sure we can hear your demonstrations for harmonics in the video. I’m really interested in hearing about harmonics.

  2. Aren’t we all so excited we are not stuck in the middle of the desert right now with only limited supplies after surviving an airplane crash??

    • Andrew – Sorry about that. I thought I finished uploading it, but I got distracted, Thanks for letting me know!

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