Chemistry 4-2-12 Ionic Bonding

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here’s the lecture on ionic bonding – well, the first part anyway. Remember, when you write ionic bonding, you’re not trying to arrange a single structure like you do with Lewis structures. Instead, you’re writing an equation that shows electrons being lost by one atom and gained by another atom. Make sure you put the dots in the right order. We’ll finish metallic bonds tomorrow.

UPDATE: Here’s an updated vodcast on ionic bonds – hopefully the sound will work on this one.


Hon Chemistry 3-30-12 The Activity Series

HON CHEMISTRY: Well, here it is, the last of the lectures from chapter 8. A couple of things – make sure you’ve memorized the activity series, but just as importantly, make sure you know how to use it! Those guidelines I gave you in class should really help. Good luck as you study for the test on Thursday! I’ll be praying for you!!