Chemistry 8-30-11 Accuracy & Precision

CHEMISTRY – New – with sound!!

Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Tuesday on accuracy, precision and percent error. Keep that formula for percent error handy, you’ll be using it all year! We’ll finish discussing significant figures tomorrow. You’ve made a great start on learning to measure with sig figs, so now let’s crank it up a notch and begin to calculate with them. Don’t panic about the homework, I’ll show you tomorrow! (Just make sure you try it!!)

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21 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-30-11 Accuracy & Precision

  1. Mrs. Skinner will the help session this week be over all of last week lessons and this weeks ,or will it be just this weeks lessons.

  2. PLEASE tell me we are going over sig figs and what not during the help session because i am having soo much trouble with it!!

    • Hannah – Just get started, and we’ll conquer it tomorrow! But if you don’t start tonight by yourself, you’ll be really lost tomorrow!

    • Courtney – I forgot to tell you guys! We have to change it to another day! Let’s talk about it tomorrow in class.

  3. Glad to see that we will be going over the homework tomorrow in class. I understand the percentage error but i got kinda confused on some of the problems (:

  4. Ms. Skinner im glad you went over the sig figs today! I was really confused but i went and re-listened to the lesson on the website and it helped! thanks(:

  5. When we talked about uncertainity in class an we used 0.05 do we just use that for uncertainity an rounding or just uncertainity?

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