Chemistry 8-30-11 Accuracy & Precision

CHEMISTRY – New – with sound!!

Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Tuesday on accuracy, precision and percent error. Keep that formula for percent error handy, you’ll be using it all year! We’ll finish discussing significant figures tomorrow. You’ve made a great start on learning to measure with sig figs, so now let’s crank it up a notch and begin to calculate with them. Don’t panic about the homework, I’ll show you tomorrow! (Just make sure you try it!!)

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Hon Chemistry 8-29-11 Accuracy, Precision, & Intro to Significant Figures

HON CHEMISTRY – So which is more important, accuracy or precision? Good question! Here’s the lecture from Monday on just that (the upload acted a little hinky – holler if it won’t open). Don’t lose that percent error formula – you’ll use it all year!

And then, drum roll please, just what you’ve been waiting for – your first intro into significant figures! Go on, be happy!!

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Physics 8-16-11 Accuracy & Precision, continued…

PHYSICS: Good job in lab on Tuesday! Did you remember sig figs? We’re going fast, I know, but you can do it! All this SI and calculations stuff will come back to you before you know it. Don’t forget to show all your work. Here’s the lecture on accuracy & precision.

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