Chemistry 8-22-11 The Scientific Method

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday on the scientific method. Thanks for being patient with the finicky computer! I know you’ve heard it for umpteen years, but make sure you can APPLY what you’ve learned about the scientific method. Honors Chem – did you finish investigating Oobleck today? Kind of odd homework, hum? Regular Chemistry – you’ll have your chance with Ooblek tomorrow! (And I’ll give you the lab sheet tomorrow in class.)

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28 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-22-11 The Scientific Method

  1. Hi Ms. Skinner! I know we already turned in the work sheet for the oobleck experiment, but I was wondering, what state of matter is oobleck?

    • Katherine – Great question! Did you check out the post from today? And check out the new video down in the Vodpod!

      • Oh I see! Is it the video about the non newtonian fluid? So the oobleck is non newtonian? Thank you I think I understand now!

  2. Mrs. Skinner I really like the oobleck video. It’s very funny. I did want to know what are we going to use the calculators for and what type should it be for chemistry?

    • Brandon – You need a scientific calculator; one that does scientific notation, but not a graphing calculator. Don’t spend a lot of money on it though. And I’m glad you enjoyed the lab!

  3. Your podcast works. It’s really helpful. hope you keep this going some things i had forgot. And your podcast has help me remember things i forgot or didn’t know. Thank you!

  4. Sorry, forgot to change my name. Thank you for posting the podcast, Ms. Skinner! It’ll be really useful! I enjoyed Oobleck lab! πŸ˜€

  5. Hey Ms. Skinner! Well since you showed part of the Oobleck video in class today, I really wanted to see the rest so as soon as I got home I re-watched it. Thanks for letting us do the lab. I really enjoyed it, and thanks for posting. :3
    And why does adding numbers or food coloring to things make people listen/want to pay attention/be careful?

  6. Hey how often will you offer help sessions this year? I will do my best to attend them every time they are available.

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