9 thoughts on “Physics 8-23-11 Motion and Displacement

  1. Yay for Physics problems I can understand! I’m still a little confused on how to rearrange the Average Velocity formula though. And I’m very excited about the Density lab tomorrow! Wish I was the one getting in that trashcan! Oh, I mean, Density Determining Device…

  2. These velocity problems are giving me trouble. I’m feeling a help session in the near future. Atleast before the test.

  3. Ms. Skinner,

    Regarding problems that will require heavy critical thinking to solve, what is a successful way to train one’s brain to be able to drive through those problems with ease? Thanks.

    • Sebastian – In my experience, work them, then work them again, then throw away your notes, and work them again, then work them again….. You get the picture? But it works!! 🙂

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