Hon Chemistry 1-11-19 Photoelectric Effect

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow check out this awesome example of the photoelectric effect – a giant solar flower in Buenos Aires, Argentina! It moves as it follows the sun. Click on the link to learn more. There’s also a link below the vodcast. Giant Solar Flower

Awesome field trip today! Hey what about other applications of the photoelectric effect? Are there tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Wal-mart and Target? What about solar calculators? And hey – what about those automatic flush toilets?!

flickr photo by Stuck in Customs

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4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-11-19 Photoelectric Effect

  1. This week I triumphed by keeping up with all of my homework and even working ahead. When I knew I had a lot of homework to do in addition to chemistry, I would do all the other homework in my early study hall so that I would have time to do the chemistry in my late study hall and after school. Because I worked ahead when I knew homework would be assigned, I never had to continue to work after about 5 in the afternoon. It was really refreshing for me to be able to not worry about my homework after school, so I was able to relax and do whatever I want. Because of that, I didn’t really stress about anything, so I’m going to try to keep working ahead for the rest of the semester just like this week.

  2. This week I triumphed by completing all my homework at home. This week I accomplished all my homework at home for the first tim in a long time

  3. This week, I rate myself a 3 out of 5. Although I understood the book work and had no problems completing it, when we checked our answers, I got most of the math problems wrong. I need to practice more problems until I can get them right. I was not confused during the lab, and I had a lot of fun during it!

  4. One triumph I had this week was my scinece in the news. I started on it Sunday and was able to edit it and revise it throughout the week. By Thursday night all I had to do was draw the picture about the article. I wasn’t stressed out at all and was able to focus on my other homework making me more productive. I hope I continue to work ahead for the rest of the year.

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