Happy New Year 2024!!

Happy New Year!! Aren’t you glad that God gives us a chance to start all over again?

We are going to have an awesome 2nd semester!! I’m praying that God will use this semester to help get you ready for the incredibly wonderful things in has for you in the future!! And more than that, I pray that this year you’ll grow more than any other in your walk with our Lord Jesus. I pray that you’ll be determined to follow Him, no matter if you have to walk by yourself.

I can promise you – Jesus will never forsake you!

Happy New Year!!

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.” Psalm 9:10

….”I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back. Though none go with me, I still will follow. No turning back, no turning back.” John Clark

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88 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2024!!

  1. My goal this year is to become more efficient with my time. I wanna do this, so I can spend more time doing the things I like to do. I also would like to get better at spelling!

  2. My goal for the 2nd semester would have to be finding different ways to study and not to procrastinate as much. Last semester I tried some new techniques that either really helped or really didn’t. I am so excited I did really well on my exam compared to all the rest of my test grades, so I am gonna start using those tactics for this semester. I am about to start getting busy again and I cannot procrastinate on anything this semester. One thing I’m gonna try to do about this issue is that if I don’t understand something when it’s taught I have to go home and get it right before the next class or else I will get right back to first semester.

  3. My goal for this semester is to finish with a high A. I’ve tried so many ways of studying and I think I may have found a system for me.

  4. My goal for this semester is to finish S2 with an 80 or above. To try and achieve this, I will study more in advance for quizzes and tests and try new study methods.

  5. This semester my goal would be to not forget about any of the webposts and I will do this by setting a reminder or alarm for every friday

  6. My goal for this semester is to grow in my ability to apply what I learn on a consistent basis. I want to be able to reliably utilize what I’m taught so I can maintain a good grade and be prepared to apply that knowledge both in class and later in life. I’m definitely going to put more effort into internalizing what we do in class and getting better at adapting to mistakes and improving procedures for labs.

  7. My goal for this semester is to make sure I am learning the information and not just memorizing it. This will help me to do better on tests and other assignments. To meet this goal, I will try to use various studying techniques, begin studying earlier, and stop procrastinating.

  8. My goal for this 2nd semester is to not miss one single webpost. I will carryout this goal by setting a reminder on my phone for friday evenings.

  9. My goal for the nine weeks is to not forget my web post and stay on top of my work. I’m going to work harder on time management so that I don’t get behind.

  10. My goal for the 2nd semester is to not procrastinate as much on homework and studying for test. I’m gonna study more than just a night or two before. I’m also not going to have any zeros.

  11. My goal for the second semester is to have a B in the class. I will do this by efficiently studying and not procrastinating.

  12. My goal for the second semester is to manage my time better so that I have plenty of time to study and do all of my assignments. I am going to make sure that I have enough time and use it to study and do my assignments. I am going to not put it off until the last minute and have to rush to do my homework.

  13. My goal for this new year is to keep a consistent A throughout the entire year instead of having to work super hard at the end. To accomplish this I will study days in advance and not put off all my homework and labs that are due and to throughly check over them.

  14. My goal for the second semester is to do better on my tests and quizzes. I will achieve this by studying more in advance rather than the night before.

  15. My goal for this year is to make more time for studying and not procrastinate. I need to be able to stay organized throughout the year with my school work, even out of chemistry class.

  16. My goal for the second semester is to stay on top of things and not let things overwhelm me, get things done efficiently and quickly. I would like to stop waiting last minute to do work and when studying for a test to really absorb what i’m doing, to learn and retain not just to memorize for the test/quiz. Lastly another goal of mine is to make my parents proud. I will achieve this by using all my study materials and studying earlier than needed. Also I when I find myself overwhelmed I’ll find effective ways to to deal with that like venting and talking to my parents.

  17. My goal for this semester is to push myself to get extra help and stay focused in class. I will achieve this by getting my homework done early, so I get all of my sleep. I will also come to the help sessions.

  18. My goal for the second semester is to make sure I stay on top of everything and do my best on every assignment no matter how small or big. TO try to meet this goal I plan to rely a lot more on my to do lists and making sure I follow them directly.

  19. So far this week I have triumphed in mostly separating the mixture. We did well in getting all of the impurities out, because we had a good plan and we knew what we were doing.

  20. While we are only two days in the week, I think I have done a good job at critical thinking and working fast while using the right mechanics in remembering to put formulas and units and the process to get correct answers.

  21. This week I triumphed at staying on task and getting my work done. In the lab we used critical thinking and got most of our elements separated.

  22. My goal for the second semester is to not procrastinate with studying. I am going to make note cards, quizlets and start studying days in advance so I will be more prepared.

  23. this week I triumphed in not too far behind even though I wasn’t here for 3 days and I did well with balancing all the practice I had and my school work!

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