Hon Chemistry 11-13-23 Percent Composition

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Way to apply chemistry to your everyday life!!

I think you’ll find that percent composition problems are super easy to catch on to. First, though, be sure you know which “type” of percent composition you’re trying to fine. Also make sure you can write chemical formulas (I won’t give them to you!) and that you’ve memorized the formulas for acids and those chemical names and formulas for common substances. It’s just plug and play from there! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-13-23 Percent Composition

  1. TRIUMPH: This week in honors chem I had to learn about percent composition and knew i didn’t understand it at first. I looked back at the vodcast and did the homework to try to help and now I feel much better about the formula and how to use it after looking back and trying. Rewatching the videos and looking at how to work practice problems helps me triumph in understanding concepts and how to do them. I learned how to use resources to succeed in class. I now feel like i know how to do percent composition and triumph in that area.

  2. My triumph this week has been learning and furthering my understanding on using the Q formula with moles and calculating percent composition. For both of these I did not understand them very well at first, but I took good notes and really focused on our homework assignments. This helped me practice more and now I am much more confident in solving these kind of problems.

    Bonus triumph: I overcame my fear of chewing hubba bubba gum!

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