Chemistry 9-9-21 Chapter 2 Test Practice

CHEMISTRY – Wow! Is your mind blown when you think about all that you’ve learned to do in chapter 2?

Here’s our overview of the test and practice on some of the problems from this chapter. Below that is the help session from this morning. Since it’s your first real test, we’ll have another help session tomorrow morning, 7:30 A.M.

Did you see the mistake I made in the answers on the Ch 2 Sample Test & Review? Taylor found it – #17b should be 25.0 cg.

Remember, don’t just read your notes – practice your notes, practice the problems, practice the memorization!! If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out the Chapter 2 Stuff to Know sheets under the Test Info tab. Great info!!! And continue to practice with these online games and quizzes:

Online Textbook: There are wonderful Interactive Review Games with your online text. First open chapter 2. Then click on the the Student Premium tab, then Interactive Review Games. has great interactive quizzes with questions like I’ll ask on the test. Find the unit that corresponds to the topics we’ve been studying and begin to quiz yourself. There are answers, too!

God bless you as you study! I’m praying for you!!

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Thursday Morning Help Session:

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35 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-9-21 Chapter 2 Test Practice

  1. Ask- Why do raisins dance around in sprite?

    Answer- They are not dancing they are changing density every time a bubble breaks off and rises to the surface.

  2. Rate: I rate myself 0 out of 5 stars on being vocal in class. I rate myself this because I should have said what I wanted to go over instead of waiting to see if anyone was going to say something first. By waiting I was only pushing it off.

  3. I rate this week a 4 out of 5 stars. I had fun doing the lab in class and I’ve paid attention so I feel good for my test this week.

  4. I rate this week a 4 out of 5 stars. The lab this week was fun and interesting. I’ve payed attention in class and I am doing better at Q Formula problems.

  5. I rate myself 4/5 stars on the Chemistry test that was taken on today. I feel like I made a good grade on it and prepared myself accordingly.

  6. On the test I took today, I rate myself a 3.7 out of 5. I didn’t study as much as I should have but maybe I just got lucky because it didn’t seem that hard for me. I’m glad I went to the help session this morning.

  7. I rate myself 4/5 stars this week. I feel like I could of spoken more in class but I also have been keeping up on my homework and doing well in class.

  8. I rate myself a 5 out of 5 stars because I was good about speaking up in class, asking questions when I needed to, and kept up with all my assignments this week. I also feel that I prepared as much as I could for today’s test.

  9. R- Rate
    I rate this week a 4/5. I started to understand everything that was going on. I felt like I really applied it on the test. The study sessions helped me understand more of what I need to know

  10. I rate myself 4 out of 5 stars. I was better about speaking up in class and I was more confident. I studied hard for the test, I do think I could have studied more just to feel a little more prepared but overall I think I did pretty good this week

  11. I rate this week 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed doing the raisins lab. I also felt good working problems by coming to the help sessions, and speaking out in class.

  12. I would rate the week 4/5 stars because I had fun doing the lab in class and did my homework but am unsure about how I did on the test.

  13. I rate myself 1/5 stars this week. I feel I could’ve done a lot better but I didn’t and that’s on me. I found the lab fun, but I should’ve been more prepared for the test.

  14. I rate myself 4/5 stars this week. I listened and understood the lessons and enjoyed the lab. I think I need to make sure I understand everything though. But I think I did good on the test.

  15. I would myself and this week overall a 3.5/5 stars. I worked hard all week in class and I enjoyed doing the lab. I worked very hard for the test all week. Hoping for good results!

  16. Rate

    This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I felt like I paid attention in class pretty well. The chemistry test was not as bad as I thought it would be. I do think I could have studied better though.

  17. This week I feel I had great effort which I would give a 4.9/5 due to the fact that this week I was struggling mentally even when I completely understood my material and how to apply it.

  18. Rate myself 3 out of 5 of talking in the class to learning and talking because u told we can’t learn without talking back. I also think I’m getting better at rolling through in the class

  19. This week is a 4 out of 5 stars. The dancing raisin lab was cool and going to help sessions make everything more understanding for the test. Im starting to get and idea on how things work.

  20. This week was a 3 out of 5 stars because we do multiple fun things and I got to attend the help sessions but could have been better if I would’ve prepared myself for the test more.

  21. I would rate my self a 3.8 stars for reviewing for this test. I never came to any help sessions or re watched any vodcasts. Although I did study for a few hours, it was not the right material. I also was not very vocal in class.

  22. This week I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 stars. I came to all of the help sessions, did all of my homework, and studied well for my test. I feel like I might have done well on it. I didn’t speak up in class as much as I wanted to though.

  23. I rate myself a 3 out of 5 starts. I did all of my homework, studied, and had a good time doing the lab. I didn’t go to the help sessions and I think I should have.

  24. I rate this week a 4/5. Despite forgetting to do the majority of the practice test and failing to get the lab on Wednesday done on time, I did manage to study enough for Friday’s test and I think I did great as a result. I’ve left the week with a nice victory and some knowledge of where I need to improve.

  25. I rate this week a 4 out of 5 stars because I did all my homework. I also had fun with lab and studied for my test very hard and I think I did good on it.

  26. I rate this week a 3 out of 5. It’s not that I didn’t feel good or anything but I just wasn’t getting most of the stuff until I started reviewing and practices it. I feel good about the test yesterday but I am still a little skeptical because the beginning was a little too easy.

  27. I would rate this week a 3 out of 5 stars. For the most part I stayed on track with my chemistry work. I was looking on the syllabus and keeping up with what needed to be done. I also did ok on my Chapter 2 test.

  28. Potty-training cattle to urinate on turf flooring. Since cows urinate multiple liters a day and their urine has caused much pollution in the air and water because of its high contents of nitrates, which breaks down and evaporates on soil. Hence, if put on artificial turf this can solve air pollution.

  29. Cutting 20 percent of sugar from packaged foods and 40 percent from beverages could prevent 2.48 million cardiovascular disease events. If we cut down on the extra sugar it could help our heath now and for our future.

  30. Otters burn calories at a rate three times as fast as predicted for a creature their size.

    Otters have the densest fur coat on the planet

  31. Stem- Some scientists in Japan have developed a disease testing technique which uses ear muffs rather than needles. It is currently not reliable enough to use instead of needles as needles give faster results. They use the gases from your ears to sense if you have a disease or not.

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