Chemistry 1-24-20 Applications of Radioactivity

CHEMISTRY: Radioactive isotopes all around! Did you ever dream there were so many applications of radioactivity? This is a pic of a test used to check on blood flow through the heart during a stress test. Fun, huh!? Click on the link below the pic to learn more from Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Here’s the lecture from today – applications of radioactive isotopes. We’ll finish more applications and then fission and fusion on Monday.

HOMEWORK UPDATE: Friday night’s homework (due Monday), Pg. 675, 1 – 5, 8 (Show work on all problems!!)

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget about the Half Life lab! Scroll down to find the post for your class and for more information. Data is due when? Where? Check the post and the syllabus for info!

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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-24-20 Applications of Radioactivity

  1. This week I rate myself a 2.5/5. I got all my homework for chemistry done, but in general I don’t feel as if I completely understand what we’re studying at the moment. I will fix this problem by being more focused in class and working through problems I don’t understand.

  2. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I’m kind of confused about what we’re going over, but I sort of am understanding.

  3. This week I rate myself a 3/5 because at first I kept up with the notes and the lessons but when half life started to get a little lost and it got confusing. I’m gonna work more half life problems to make sure I fully understand how it works.

  4. This week I rate myself a 3/5, this is because I’m unorganized and lost. How I will fix this is by cleaning out and re looking over the notes.

  5. I would rate myself 3/5 because I did all my homework but I did get a little confused with the work. I am going to improve by watching the vodcast

  6. I rate my self a 3/5 because I’ve been improving my note taking, but I don’t completely understand the recent lessons we’ve been learning. To improve, I need to review the lessons and the vodcasts.

  7. I rate myself 3/5 because I didn’t really understand the Chapter so, far and I need make it up by studying soon because the test comes.

  8. I rate myself a 1/5 because I know I can do better but I have not yet achieved what I’m looking for in studying and in performance in class.

  9. I rate myself a 3/5 this week because I didn’t do some of my homework but I understood the new material well. I will fix this by remembering to do my homework.

  10. I give myself 3/5 because on one hand I didn’t pay attention but on the other I did. Sounds simple but it makes sense to me.

  11. I rate myself a 2/5 this week. I wasn’t doing my homework at night after school and instead did it in the morning and in periods before my class. I understand the lesson, but I was just too lazy to complete the work within a timely manner.

  12. This week I rate myself a 4/5 because I have been completing all of my homework and I have been understanding the problems

  13. i hate myself a 3/5 this week since I didn’t understand the material, but i still listened and tried my best to work the half life problems

  14. This week I give myself a 3 out of 5 because I took good notes in order to do my homework, and although I didn’t understand some of the material I went back and rewatched the vodcast.

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