Hon Chemistry 1-16-20 Quantum Numbers

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job with quantum numbers today! Wow, it was a lot. Confused yet?

Don’t worry! Today you learned all the background information about quantum numbers, tomorrow we’ll put it all together and it will begin to make sense.

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8 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-16-20 Quantum Numbers

  1. A triumph that I’ve had this week is keeping up with all of my assignments. There have been a lot of labs this week in addition to other homework which have been hard to keep up with. I also have been really busy with dance because competition season is starting so I am glad that I have been able to keep up with everything.

  2. My triumph for this week is completing all my assignments and paying attention in class. I was extremely tired and out of it this week, so it was a little difficult for me to keep up with everything. But, I wrote everything down and made sure that I didn’t forget to do anything, and was able to complete all my assignments on time. Also, I made sure I paid attention in class and that I understood all the new concepts that were being taught to us.

  3. My triumph this week was doing all my work and taking good notes and paying attention in class. I have no zeros yet and I will keep it that way. I was very tired some days and didn’t understand some things but I think I have a good I understanding of them now. I did all my homework early to and didn’t wait until midnight to start on them so I could sleep and be ready for the next day.

  4. My triumph for this week was doing well managing my work load and completing the assignments I needed to get done in the time given, even though some of it might have been a little rushed. I also believe I did well on my spectrum labs.

  5. My triumph this week was completing all my assignments and taking good notes. I was very tired all week, so completing my homework at night and staying focused in class was difficult.

  6. My triumph this week is finally being able to focus and understand the information today !!! I have felt overwhelmed and a step behind, and the Lord just provided even when I was completely worn out. The energy levels, electrons, and orbitals make so much more sense and are even interesting to me.

  7. My triumph this week was being able to keep up with my assignments. I had around 3 homework assignments a night and studied every night for an hour, which drained me physically. I created a new system for remembering SITN and web posts. So far, the system is very good and polished.

  8. My triumph this week is that I really understood a lot of what we learned in class. Today was a really, really helpful review and I feel like I know the material well. I also think I did pretty good on the cool spectrum labs.

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