Chemistry 12-4-19 Molecular Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys! Awesome job with empirical formulas, and now you’ve conquered writing molecular formulas! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday. It’s just like writing empirical formulas but with a twist at the end!

Have you started preparing for the test? It will be over ALL of chapter – plus the small bit from chapter 3. Be sure and checked out the Stuff to Know sheet for all of chapter 7 under the Test Info tab!

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32 thoughts on “Chemistry 12-4-19 Molecular Formulas

  1. This week I triumphed in understanding the new material! I seem to be understanding this lesson better than any this past year. I have also memorized the most so far.

  2. This week my triumph is paying attention in class. I have done very well at giving full attention to class this week. I am doing very well at this new material we are learning

  3. This week I triumphed with studying the molecular and empirical formulas. I was determined to learn the material and practice and it helped me understand it.

  4. This week I triumphed with the molecular and empirical formulas, and I already began studying for our upcoming test. But, I also struggled with remember how to to do oxidation numbers, but as we reviewed today in class, it brought it back to my remembrance.

  5. This week I triumphed over the empirical formulas and molecular formulas! I also did all of my homework correctly and accurately this week (which has never happened) and didn’t procrastinate. I’ve had a great week in chemistry and I’m very proud of myself. 😉

  6. This week, I triumphed by learning the new materials quickly. I understood the empirical formula, and I was able to get the answers for the homework correct without having to look at the answers first.

  7. This week I triumphed on learning the new lessons we have gone over and I have also started studying for our upcoming test next week.

  8. This week I feel like I triumphed on the molecular formula and empirical formula. I feel like I understood it very well, but it takes a while for you to find the answer.

  9. This week I triumphed with the empirical formula and molecular formula. I took good notes for the steps and how you need to work them. I am proud of myself for not getting stressed when it comes to the big problems and working them one step at a time.

  10. This week I have triumphed because I have been studying the things we need to study for the test on Tuesday. And also I really understand what I am reviewing and I am confident in taking the practice test, and especially the test too!

  11. This week I struggled on do finding the empircal formulas for compounds. I need study more for the test so i make a good grade.

  12. This week I feel I triumphed in learning the new material and also for already starting my studying for the test and not wanting until the last minute like usual.

  13. This week I’ve struggled with remembering all the steps in the empirical and molecular formulas. Before the test, I will practice going through the steps of each formula and make sure to memorize how to solve each problem.

  14. My triumph this week is learning how to do molecular and empirical formulas. I understand how to do them and I can pretty much do them without referencing my notes. I think that it is one of the things in chemistry that I understand most and because I understand, I think I will do better on the test.

  15. This week, I kind of struggled with the rounding aspect of the empirical formula. Next time, I’ll do practice problems in the book for extra help before the test.

  16. This week I triumphed with using the empirical and molecular formulas. Throughout the week I got better at doing them and I had a better understanding of them.

  17. I struggled with not speaking up in class and being sick this week. It took me out for 2 days so I hope I can be ready the next.

  18. This week I struggled to stay on top of my work and I plan to actually do my work as soon as I get home to compensate for my slacking.

  19. This week during Chemistry, I was able to triumph by working hard enough to be able to bring my grade up by 3 whole points, I hope that I will have a much better grade at the end of the nine weeks.

  20. This week I have struggled with remembering all the steps to finding molar and empirical formulas. I get them confused often. I will rewatch the vodcasts and practice much what’s in my notes in order to keep the two straight and be able to apply them well.

  21. This week i’m struggling to study ahead for the next test. I keep putting off studying, but to do better i’m going to make a calendar with future assignments so everything doesn’t pile up.

  22. This week I triumphed with empirical formulas and molecular formulas. Also, doing my homework correctly and asking questions in class.

  23. This week, I triumphed in quickly learning new material, understanding and doing the homework on time, and preparing for the upcoming test next week. I did this all well because I am putting more into my work and focusing more in class. I hope to remain this way in chemistry in the future.

  24. Finshing the lesson early was my triumph this week. Having that extra time to do my chemistry homework helped me a lot to have free time for hobbies at home this week.

  25. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. Overall I feel like I have learned the empirical formula and molecular formula really well, and has gotten better at it. I also feel like I did good on the polymers lab this week and I think it will bring up my grade.

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