Hon Chemistry 10-29-19 Moles, Mass & Avogadro’s Number

HON CHEMISTRY: So….you think if his work helped us understand something as significant as the number of something in a mole they might name something after him? They did! Go figure! Another name for the number of anything in a mole is Avogadro’s Number. That would be how many?

You caught on super fast today! Remember, it’s all in terms of one mole. The mass of one mole, the molar mass, is the average atomic mass of the element in grams (periodic table). And the number of atoms in one mole is …. well you know that. Speaking of moles, isn’t he cute? Well, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. Hmmmm………

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 10-29-19 Moles, Mass & Avogadro’s Number

  1. My goal for Chemistry is to learn the polyatomic ions, monatomic ions, chemical names and formulas for common substances, acids, and oxidation rules by heart so that I never have to second guess myself. To achieve this goal, I plan on reviewing over all of these on quizlet twice a week so that I’m constantly making sure it stays in my long term memory.

  2. My goal for chemistry is to learn how to write chemical formulas. My strategy to achieve this will be: memorize all the acids, common substance formulas, oxidation rules and polyatomic ions even better than I already have, and get a lot of practice from the book and worksheets.

  3. My goal this semester in chemistry is to finish with above a 95 average. I plan on doing this by studying for tests well, doing practice problems, retaining information, and doing the science in the news extra credits.

  4. My goal for chemistry this year is to learn all of the polyatomic ions, oxidation rules, acids, and how to write chemical formulas. I have struggled with the chemical formulas in the past week and I need to practice more in the upcoming weeks so I can do much better on the upcoming test than in the pretest. I also have a goal to do well on my tests so I can improve my average.

  5. My goal in chemistry this year is to bring my grade up to an A and maintain that average for the rest of the year. I also want to procrastinate less and do my work on time and study good for all tests and quizzes.

  6. My main goal for chemistry this year is to maintain a good average in the class. I also want to not only learn the basic facts, but know why we are learning them and how to apply them. My strategy for this is to do all the homework and class work to the best of my ability and study things well before I need to. This way, I am not just cramming before a test or quiz, but I am actually learning the stuff I need to know and am applying it to my long term memory.

  7. My goal in chemistry this year is to memorize the things that I need to memorize and work harder on my homework and classwork. I want to bring my average up to a decent grade and I want to also procrastinate less.

  8. My goal for chemistry this year is to have a high A in the class. I would also like to know and understand chemical formulas and how they react. My strategy is to pay attention in class and to study and understand all of the material I am taught. By doing this and actually knowing the material instead of just memorizing it I can accomplish my goals.

  9. My goal for chemistry this semester is to not just memorize the material for a quiz, but to remember the material for the rest of chemistry and to use it later on. To achieve this, I am going to try to memorize the material fully (not just somewhat know it like on the last quiz), focus in class, use homework to my advantage, and study daily or at least a couple days before a quiz/test.

  10. My main goal in chemistry is to learn and be able to apply as much as I can. My strategy is to take quizzes at home which I won’t study for (to be sure I know the material like the back of my hand), and then do practice problems to be sure I can apply the knowledge I gained during class. All of this should help me with quizzes, tests, and for future years to come.

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