Physics 9-3-19 Acceleration, Pt. 2

PHYSICS: Watch out for kitty cats in the road!! Good job with the derivations of acceleration formulas today! You’re doing really well with them – stay with it! Carefully examine what you know with the formulas you have that might fit. And if they don’t, examine what you do know that could lead you to what you need to know. You know? 🙂

Tonight’s problems may be a little challenging, but you can do it!! Do you need some extra practice rearranging the formulas, or just working the problems? Help session?

Photo by Camilla Coffey on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Physics 9-3-19 Acceleration, Pt. 2

  1. This is week I give myself a 4/5. I’m still struggling to work through problems we have never seen before, but after we work them I’m able to work them through. I guess the only way to get a 5/5 is to keep practicing.

  2. This week I rate myself a 3.5/5. I was able to work all of the problems by myself, but I worked them in a different manner than what we discussed in class. I am not proficient at deriving formulas. I usually use a formula to get a value and then proceed to plug that value into another equation as opposed to deriving an equation and then plugging in the values. I got all the correct answers, but I am worried that I will get deductions for working the problems in an unorthodox manner. I struggled with solving Tuesday night’s homework because I completed it prior to learning the new formulas. However, I did receive the correct answers. On the other hand, I have been becoming quite lazy due to my lack of required work. I have less homework this year than any other year, and I have become lazy as a result. Other than that, this was a good week, and I performed well in this class. My goal entering the subsequent weeks is to expunge my lazy behavior.

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