36 thoughts on “Chemistry Syllabus

  1. I got better at turning in online assignments. I started to understand how simple online assignments are to turn in.

  2. I have learned to take better notes in your class, in other classes I have started to pick up key words or hints other teachers say to us. Not just writing down what the teacher wrights.

  3. This week i would rate myself a 3 because I’ve really started to understand most things that you’ve taught us. The help sessions really helped me to learn the QS=QGxCF and sig figs.

  4. This week I would rate myself about a 1 or 2 I’m having a hard time remembering all the formulas. But the help session helped me a little on the first test with sig figs and a few other things.

  5. Scientist are trying to find new techniques that could make some plastic trash compostable at home. Embedding enzymes in the material causes it to rapidly break down without creating micro-plastic.

  6. Many scientists are making efforts to compose plastic and to stop it from filling up the earths surface, and trashing the world. Also researches are and have developed new methods to 3D print mechanisms that detect how force is being applied to an object.

  7. Scientist are trying to find new ways that could make it easier to limit the use of plastic. They are starting to use more wooden and metal items to refrain from using more plastic that is necessary.

  8. This week I was better at listening to instructions during our activities. I listen more therefore I knew what I needed to get done in the little amount of time me and my partner had during our activitie.

  9. My goal for the 2nd semester is to do better on my test and quizzes. I’m gonna start studying harder and write better notes.

  10. Why does the human brain, while focused on one subject, not see the changes going on around what we are looking at? It’s because the brain can only preform one sense at a time to it’s best ability.

  11. My struggle is learning and memorizing the positive and negative charges and balancing chemical formulas. I will fix this by studying in many different ways so I can learn them.

  12. I learned that the different temperatures of melted freshwater creates different shapes. At 5 degrees Celsius downward spikes were formed. At 7 degrees Celsius upward spikes were formed. And between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius scalloped ice cycles were formed.

  13. My triumph this week was definitely me learning better in class and paying more attention to the work on the board.

  14. I would rate myself a 2 out of 5. I am getter better and learning and listening in class but I still have some extra studying and memorization that I am going to work on.

  15. My goal for 4th term is to make a good grade on my project. I plan to meet this goal by working on it every chance I get and take good notes on everything listed

  16. My Goal is to do really well on the project, I am going to work really hard and really long to get as much points as possible. Also I am going to listen in class better so I can make hover test grades.

  17. I struggled with the scientific method over the past couple of years so I took better notes and payed more attention in class to be better prepared.

  18. This week I think one thing I struggled with was being out of school because I was sick. I think when I return next week it will take a lot of catching up to get to where I should be. i hope it doesn’t show in my grades.

  19. I struggled on how to use the website and learning how to work google drive and turning stuff in. I have never done it before and google drive and pdf was different I’m used to using One drive.

  20. I struggled on how to use the website and learning how to work google drive and turning stuff in. I have never done it before and google drive and pdf was different I’m used to using One drive

  21. E Hoy C4
    It has definitely helped in a lot of ways. It has helped with keeping up with assignments and knowing when stuff is due and when tests are coming up

  22. The American Academy of Pediatrics have done studies and have concluded that middle schools and high schools should start later than 8:30 a.m. Teens struggle going to sleep before 11:00 p.m. because their internal clocks naturally shift. When teens lose sleep, they are more likely to become anxious or depressed, however, teens who are well rested, are more likely to stay awake during the day and to do better in school.


  23. This week (and other weeks) i have been really good with doing extended homework earlier instead of waiting for the deadline to do it. I do this because it’s easier to get other things done so i don’t have to cram it all in one night. It’s helped me not have to remember to do it because it’s already done .

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