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  1. My triumph was being able to memorize the prefixes. I studied in many different ways so I would be able to understand it more.

  2. This week I rate myself 4 stars. I rate myself 4 stars because I did good with going to help sessions and keeping up on my work and making up a lot of work. I plan on keeping this up.

  3. This week i rate myself 3/5 stars. I made up
    a lot of work and got good grades on all of it. I focused more on learning the Q formula and conversions.

  4. This week I struggled with the technology 101 worksheet. To overcome it I work on my homework sooner so if I have questions I can ask the teacher. I also struggled with the lab write up and knowing what to do. I plan on asking questions to get a good grade.

  5. This week I did well with keeping up with the work and understanding it. I payed attention in class and made sure I knew how to do the work with the graphs. I looked at the graphs after class and made sure I knew how to graph correctly.

  6. I rate myself 3 out of 5 stars this week. I studied well on the periodic table. I did not take the best notes that i could have.

  7. This week I rate myself a 4/5 because i did well keeping up and I did good on my lab write up. I plan on continuing to do good next week also. I did well on the homework and finding the answers in the book also.

  8. This week I rate myself 2/10. I forgot to turn in like all of my stuff to Then I was being really ADHD in class so I didn’t take good notes UGH. You would think I would rate myself 0/10 but I gave myself a 2 because I did pretty dang good in the lab on Friday so that’s fun.

  9. during this week i think i did really good on paying attention to to the new stuff we are learning in class. i also think i did good on the lab because i got all of my observations written down and answered the question correctly and thoroughly.

  10. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I did well on the candle lab and finished with plenty of time. I also took good notes this week.

  11. Struggles. This week I’m doing my web post on struggles. There’s alot but I guess this isn’t therapy (hehe jk) Anyways I basically only struggle because I’m lazy and dread homework. I’ll do better tho because I actually have the syllabus this week!

  12. This week i struggled on finishing my lab in time. I also struggled on remembering my homework. I did well on figuring out the procedure for the lab.

  13. My science in the news was about dog breeding and how it shapes the brains of dogs. Scientists did experiments on different types of dogs and studied their brain and their habits. It proves breeding was causing different brain shapes

  14. my science is the news was about algae in our blood. scientists had a hypothesis that algae could help carry oxygen through your blood for people that maybe had a stroke and needed oxygen. they test this on tadpoles and found that it did work.

  15. My science in the new was about newts/toads and their ability to regrow limbs. The ability to regrow limbs in caused by a gene called “A” that is only found in cold blooded animals. It was found that when gene “A” was extracted from both newts and toads they could no longer regrow limbs, not breathe under water. If gene “A” could be extracted and placed into humans the effectively then humans could both regrow limbs and breathe underwater.

  16. My goal is to catch up on the work i missed from the three days i was not here. My plan is to set different times to do makeup work and to study for the things i missed. I plan on checking the syllabus to see what I need to makeup to catch up.

  17. my goal is to keep my grade up and to not let it drop throughout the 9 weeks. i plan on doing this by studying , doing all my homework, and making good grades on all the labs.

  18. my triumph this week was the quiz we took wednesday. i usually don’t do good on those. but this time , i studied ahead of time and got a good grade.

  19. My triumph this week was completing the lab in class on thursday. I started out behind but caught back up and finished by the end of class.

  20. My triumph this week was completing the lab fully in class. Usually when we have a lab I get super stressed out and don’t usually finish it in time> But today I was able to complete the lab, clean up, and start on questions in class. I hope to make a good grade on this lab.

    • My struggle this week was learning for the quiz. I tried new study habits and memorizing the elements that were on the quiz. I plan on finding better studying habits to learn the polyatomic ions and elements faster.

  21. My triumph was learning the polyatomic ions for the quiz and keeping up with the lab. I also did good learning the chemical formula and elements. I studied many different ways for the quiz and I did good. I plan on to continue to keep up with my work and doing well

  22. This week I struggled with coming up with a good way for me to study for the quiz. Hopefully in the future I can find a way to study better and increase my chance of making a good grade

  23. my struggle this week was the quiz on wednesday. it was a lot of studying and a lot of material. i think i did good tho because i studied for 2 days.

  24. I am thankful for family and that im able to go to a school that openly worships God. Im also thankful for being able to get an education. Im thankful God died on the cross for us.

  25. I am thankful for my family. I’m thankful i can go to a school that has God intertwined in it. I’m thankful for my teachers teaching me new concepts and formulas i never knew existed.

  26. I am thankful for my family and the knowledge and wisdom I have been blessed with in my life, and for the teachers who have helped me get this far.

  27. this year i am most thankful that alabama lost to LSU. i am also thankful that James Wiseman is only suspended for 12 games instead of the whole season. i am also thankful for Ivy.

  28. my struggle this week was thursday when we were doing problems on the dry erase boards. i only got one or two right. but now i know what i need to study for the test.

  29. this week i rate myself a 5 out of 10. I did good on the lab Monday, but the test I could of done better on and maybe studied more than I did.

  30. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week I haven’t been super into things because I’m ready to get out but I’m getting done what I have to get done

  31. my goal is to do better on tests. to do this i will study in different ways until i can find what is bests for me to be able to apply what i know on tests.

  32. My goal is to do better on tests and to remember homework and to have at least a B average by the end of the semester. I want to make a B on a test.

  33. My goal is to do better on test and i plan on studying more and keeping up with what we are doing better. I also plan on going to more help sessions

  34. My goal is to finish the semester and year with a B average in this class I will do all the necessary work it takes to meet this goal 1 9 weeks at a time

  35. My goal for this semester is to finish out with the highest grade possible and keep up with homework. I will meet this goal by studying harder for tests and quizzes and staying on top of homework and not waiting last minute.

  36. My triumph this week has been taking good notes, participating more in class, and staying on top of my homework. I am trying to do better this semester and i think im off to a good start.

  37. My triumph this week is that I have taken better notes, participated in class more, and stayed on top of homework. I want to do better this semester and I think im off to a good start.

  38. My triumph this week was that I did the lab report on time. I also think I am taking better notes. I did all of my homework as well,

  39. I rate myself a 9/10 this week. I have done all the homework and I have taken really good notes. I also understand what we are doing in class really well.

  40. This week I rate myself a 2/5 because i didnt understand the half life lesson and i didnt do good on homework. I plan on going to help sessions and asking questions more.

  41. This week i learned how to see light light through the square thing we got. I didnt know that those rainbow colors were in every little bit of light. I used this when i was looking at the light and writing down the colors

  42. My science in the news this week was about how grey hair is caused by stress. After reading this I now realize why some people who may of had a harder life tend to have grey hair earlier in life.

  43. My SITN article was about a hiv vaccine that failed and ended up infecting some people ,and also how the vaccine is modeled

  44. I rate myself a 8/10 this week. I wrote good notes, but there is still some parts that I am still confused about. I’m doing well on the homework tho.

  45. The science in the news I read was about the corona virus. They wanted to find a vaccine against it. They tested them on mice.

  46. This third nine weeks was decent I think. I did all of my homework and only missed one web post. I did good on all of the labs. The only thing I need to work on is my test grades, so I can be more successful in the last nine weeks.

  47. This 9 weeks I would rate myself a 3/5. I worked my butt off do get everything done everyday but I think my study habits need to improve

  48. This quarter I rate myself a 4/5. I have stayed on top of my homework and been prepared for my tests and managed not to fail any. I have completed all of my labs and been able to have success in all of them. My biggest accomplishment was maintaining a B average for the term and keeping my GPA where I want it.

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