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  1. I feel like I did pretty well this week. I’ve realized how important homework is to my grade although that should be pretty obvious. I didn’t make it very thing, but I plan on getting everything done with my 7th period academic study hall. I’d rate myself a 3/5. All I need to do is get on the homework.

  2. I would rate my self a 3/5 this week. I feel like i could have done better doing the element hand book lab. But i feel like i did other things better.

  3. I would rate my self a 4/5 this week. I feel like I did really well on the test and the class work that we had.

  4. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week. I feel like I could have done a better working with my group on the project when I had the chance.

  5. My triumph this week was understanding significant figures, because I remember really struggling with them in physical science.

  6. I rate myself a 5/5 this week because the amount and quality of work I showed got much better. I also felt like I did fairly well on the test.

  7. I would rate myself a 5/5 this week. My lab partner and I excelled at the Mass Without a Balance lab. We worked well together and did everything thoroughly.

  8. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I didn’t do so great on my last test, but I have learned my mistakes. Plus, the section we are learning now is fairly simple.

  9. I hope to learn what the real world truly is. Everyday we go from class to class knowing that we are something living, breathing, and moving, but I believe that we are more than just that. I feel like by taking chemistry we can have a better understanding about no only ourselves but about the world around us too.

  10. This weeks topic was struggle wat I struggle badly in are test my test scores are very low I have trouble studying. I had trouble doing the lab with seperation it took me a while and I did not have enough time to get my salt. That is my struggle for the week.

  11. This past chapter was pretty interesting! My favorite part was when we learned about homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. Just knowing that things we see and use everyday is chemistry is really cool!

  12. This week I didn’t struggle as much as I usually do. I studied in way that helped me remember, and made a good grade on the pre test! I’m just working to keep my study habits the same!

  13. This week I think I did pretty good except for the pre test. I struggled with the pre test with the naming the compounds and memorizing all the rules for naming them. I’ll study in a better way for the next one and hopefully do better.

  14. I am thankful for my friends and family and for a whole week off. Also for my chemistry grade being higher right now than it was last nine weeks:)

  15. I think I did better this nine weeks than last nine weeks. I still have a lot to work on so ill keep trying to improve how I study for tests and quizzes and do even better next semester (and the exam)!!!

  16. My goal is to really pull myself together and just do it, just do everything all the way, well before it’s due. And I plan to do that by cutting off distractions, and just making myself do it however I have to.

  17. My goal is to get a better grade in chemistry so to do better on tests and quizzes. I’m gonna study longer and not wait to the last minute or the night before and take better notes in class and try to get at least a B this nine weeks.

  18. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week because I found the brain games interesting and I took notes and listened in class and didn’t zone off.

  19. this week I would rate my self a 3/5 just because there was so much going on and there were so many notes but I think if I just do all the hw for practice and look over the problems we went over and formulas we learned ill do better and be more prepared next week

  20. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week just b/c there was so much going on but I think if I study the problems and formulas we went through and keep doing all my hw for practice ill do much better next week and be more prepared

  21. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week just b/c there was so much going on but I think if I study the problems and formulas we went through and keep doing all my hw for practice ill do much better next week and be more prepared

  22. This week I struggled a little in the beginning, I had a lot going on in all of my classes. As the week went on things started to get better. The lesson we are learning right now is pretty interesting! Just seeing how God created things to work and growth is amazing!

  23. This week has been a little stressful because of everything being due and everything doing on next week. But that’s exactly when time management comes into play! I just have to make sure I make time for everything I have to do and everything will be okay.

  24. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I didn’t do as good as I expected on the test. I studied in a different way this time and felt really good about it but I think I need to try something different to do better on the re-test!

  25. This week has been a pretty good week! But I’d have to rate myself a 3/5 because I procrastinated like crazy instead of just doing my work. And the fact that I have missed the last 2 webposts because I forgot. :/

  26. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I didn’t miss any homework this week. I liked the lab that we did this week because it was really interesting. I am trying to do everything I can to succeed.

  27. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I don’t reallt understand the things we are doing in class this week. They are just confusing to me. I have been studying for the test and hope I do good.

  28. This week has been really crazy! But I’ve learned so much! It’s so cool to see how God designed electrons, orbitals, etc. it’s in such perfect order!

  29. This week has been absolutely CRAZY my priorities have been all over the place. I’ve learned that time management is extremely important when you have a million things to do.

  30. This week i rate myself a 2/5. I did not do the best on my test as i could have done. I slacked on my studying this week and did not do as much studying as i needed too. I need to start printing my syllabus every week.

  31. This week has been pretty busy with me catching up on tests and other work. I would rate myself a 3/5. I handled some of my work really good, but I didn’t prioritize everything I needed too.

  32. This week has been pretty good!! I’m finally caught up in my work and everything is looking pretty good! Next week I’m gonna have to make sure I stay caught up on all of my work

  33. This week i would rate myself a 3/5.i’ve gotten lot accomplished over the course of this week. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders from getting the Scavanger Hunt turned in and done.

  34. This week was a lot of preparation for the. Ew York trip and disputed the stress I have everything I need and I’m ready for the upcoming week.

  35. This week has been great! Explorer zone was absolutely amazing! Just getting to see how awesome God is and seeing the kids so excited to learn was really cool!!

  36. This week is very stressful! With the project due date approaching and other tests and things going on…it’s just hard to keep up. But I know that I can not do this on my own, but with the Lord I can do anything!

  37. This week I rate myself a 2/5. I didn’t do good on my grades this week. I didn’t turn in all Of my homework and my labs. I hope to finish the year out strong and do as good as I can.

  38. This week was pretty good! I’m excited that it’s the end of the year I’ve worked really hard this school year, I hope that it pays off in the very end. I would rate myself a 4/5. I finished my project in time and I preparing for the upcoming test!

  39. after doing the Lost project i have figured out not to wait till the last minute on anything anymore. i need to get things done as soon as i get them and not procrastinate on anything in life. and through alot of praying and thinking you can get anything done.

  40. the chemistry project taught me to manage my time better and to do a little bit each day or at least earlier than the night before and not to procrastinate.

  41. What I expect to learn in chemistry this year, is how different types of chemicals and mixtures react to each other while hot, cold, solid or liquid.

  42. Keeping up with important papers is one thing I struggled with. I would always lose handouts. Now I just keep the important stuff in one folder and carry it around all the time.

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